Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's Finally Turned Cold

Well it's finally turned cold here in the south.All my plants outside are done for until spring.I wonder whether the Cannas are going to come back up.I got to start thinking about how many containers I want next year for a container garden.I know I will need a few or I should say a lot.I'm hoping it won't snow as bad this coming year like it did last year.It was awesome but bad at the same time.So far the prediction is just cold no snow or ice,let's hope it stays that way.

Hubstead is in the kitchen cooking spagetti,I'm taking a day off.Besides I made chili yesterday and it was really good.He has been off from work since last Wednsday and we take turns cooking when he is.Next Monday got to get the gas turned on.Gonna get real cold real soon!Fortunately we got electric heaters right now and we are staying warm.I would love to have either a fireplace or a woodburning stove right now.A lot of these old houses here in the south has a fireplace in them but we have this doublewide and I don't think we can put one in.

Well New Year  is around the corner and I really don't like to say how I want my year to go.I find it's better to just go with it.But I do a few goals.Get the container garden going,get the flooring done in the house(at least the living room and office).Get my water fixed in the bathrooms.I have one bathroom that don't have water going to the sink and the other bathroom,no water to the tub and shower.It's a start.We haven't been able to get stuff fixed since we have been here,but now since we paid off some of our debt,we can.We decided not to sell the house after we get it paid off.Why should we? All we'll have is the utilities and maybe I can get some solar power going after that.Sounds good to me.I think I would like to figure something else out about how to heat the house too.Gas is getting expensive here.Hence the woodburning stove.I also want to find a place to bead.I miss doing my beadwork.I found a small table to work on and I have everything else.Oh and I'm going to start sewing again.My sister-in-law gave me her sewing machine to sew on and now I can make my curtains and stuff.
Last years' snow! 16 inches

Well that's about it,everyone have a Happy New Year!!!!!!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Strength in Numbers

This morning I wanted to write something different.And the difference is I want to talk about how "we" the farmers and gardeners of this fine land keep coming up with new and improved ways of supplying our families with fresh produce and products.There are more and more people supplying their own now in America because we are learning of the poisons our foods contain that we buy from the grocery stores.The health issues we suffer from causes the health system to get overloaded and therefore the  government knows this.I try like crazy to NOT go to the doctors if I can help it.I have seen what natural living can do for you.The children are healthier and less prone to diseases.They learn more from getting away from the T.Vs and internet and get out and move their bodies.You get all the benefits of the natural foods and you feel better.

How to do this? redefine your priorities in your life.What matters more?your hectic every day life or a simply lifestyle? Numbers,the more your do the better off you are.There needs to be more people to realize we are a nation of doers.All we got to do is try.Find the time after all you find the time to work ,sleep,eat.Instead of going out to eat,grow your own and eat in.I've tried to eat out and now every time I do I get sick. Strength in numbers to make this world a better place not only for ourselves but our children too.It would make a great New Years resolution and I'm going to try to do just that.Just think of the satisfaction you'll get from doing this.Merry Christmas and have a great New Year!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thankyou for the Visits

I just looked on my blog and realized I have had a little over 10,000 visitors.I appreciate your visits!

Nothing much has been going on,we had a few setbacks around here but we will continue giving updates.I finally have gotten one of my tires for the truck and this weekend going to get another.It makes it so much easier coming up the big hill but I don't know what this winter holds.It so hard to get around here with all the hills and I mean steep hills too.But that's one of the prices to be paid living out in the country here.We've had some really cold mornings where there has been a thin sheet of ice on the windshield but hubstead warms up the truck before we leave.I'm hoping that's all we'll get this winter is cold.

Well Christmas isn't too far off.I decided to skip putting up a tree again this year.Most likely we'll go to my brothers for Christmas anyways.I will decorate a little to get in the mood I suppose.Not like I don't have enough pine trees around here!I could do some pine boughs I guess.Make the house smell good.I hope I can get my big counter top oven so I can do some baking too.I miss making pumpkin pies and breads for the holidays.I make a mean beer bread!

So that's about it and I'm looking forward to the new year because we got lots planned!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Catching Up Blog

Well Thanksgiving was small around here this year. Hubstead smoked a turkey and I fixed stuffing and green beans and cranberry sauce.We were going to my brothers' house but my sister-in-a was so exhausted from taking care of her mother she didn't feel like doing a dinner this year.That's alright we weren't feeling up to going anyways.

The cold is coming in a little every week and pretty soon it will be here for a couple of months.My plants outside have died down for the winter and I have my more important ones in the house.Today I need to take them and water them.

Orion got loose the other night and we had to go find him.For people who don't know who that is it's our dog.He didn't wander far,I think he was looking for that other dog that has been coming around the house.I keep it ran off because I don't know if it was a male or female ,better be safe than sorry.Anyway it's took up resident someplace else.I have my hands full with this one.Not that I don't want another dog I would love to have one but....

I have been doing more cleaning and getting organized around here.We ended up getting another bookcase for our DVDs cause we got so many.We watch alot of movies around here.

I have been getting my seed catalogs in and I have been thinking about next years garden already.I don't know how I'm going to do it but container may be easier on my back.I did good this year for what little I had.Got more plans to do gourds and luffas.

Well we are in between holidays now and the next one coming up is Christmas.I have no idea what we are going to be doing.I haven't even set up a tree.I have an artificial tree that I got from my sister-in-law and its  a small one but now I have no place to put it.Amazing uh?Considering that this place has lots of storage space but now I have used most of it.Both bedrooms are full and I would have to move our love seat that is in front of our big window but I have no place to put the love seat.Might have to get a minature tree hahaha.That would work for now uh?

Monday, November 16, 2015

What Ever Works

One thing I'm learning about homesteading is everything has a use. I find things like  old pots,cannisters,totes,glass items like canning jars and some plastic items can be used for anything. I used old kitchen drawers for my peas and they are doing great. I have a box of plastic butter tubs and glass jars for later use.When hubstead gets his shed up and going they will be great for nails and screws.Plus I keep this stuff out of the garbage. I reuse spice jars and put fresh dried herbs in them.I had a lot of parsley that I harvested over the summer.I now have fresh sage for my cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving!

I also collect fabric and material for blankets and quilts.I haven't made a quilt in years but I haven't had material either.I'm collecting some now.I like making curtains for the windows instead of buying them.Sale ,sale,sale-I never pay retail for anything if I can help it.I go to garage sales and yard sales too. I crochet,I made my own shawls when its cold.

I garden which helps when food prices are high and most of the time they're high anyways. I learned what grows here and what won't.How to handle wild animals getting in my garden.Yeah the green beans were a mess though!BUT I did manage to get enough for a meal before bunny got hold of them and they were good. Now it's deer season and I've learned how to cook venison. Now my sister-in-law has been giving me cuttings from her house plants cause she says I got a green thumb.I guess I do but it's been a good way to get plants.

I have been doing beadwork for a long time.I like natural type stuff to add with it.I have hubstead cut some antler buttons and I use them on different items.Some of you know about my pinestraw baskets and now I have small gourd baskets that I grew.Yep I've been busy trying different things but mostly it's things I like.

Some people would think homesteading and living in the country is boring but it's not.You got fresh air,nice scenery,nature all around you and fresh food,you got heaven right there I think.I've really started to enjoy this part and getting use to it by the day.I wouldn't really want it now any other way and I get to stay busy.It's addicting.Everytime I have to go where theres' alot of traffic I cringe.I don't like it anymore.Well that's my take on this wonderful Monday!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just alittle Update

Christmas Cactus

Just a few pictures of how things are coming along.The peas vines are going very well and have picked a few already and ate them.The parsley is thriving in the window sill too.

It's had an overcast of gloomy weather here.It's suppose to rain again this weekend.Just when I still have a lot to do.I've been going thru some more boxes that still hasn't been unpacked since we moved here.Trying to find places to put everything has been a pain.

Pantry is coming along,I ordered two shelf units with seven shelves each.This is the start of my pantry and stocking.I had to,they were on sale on Amazon for next to nothing.So this weekend gonna be busy putting them up.I've been waiting two years to get this stuff going! I have no idea what we are doing for Thanksgiving.We might smoke a turkey in the smoker.We have a Brinks smoker and have done wore the bottom out of the one of the pans.New pans need to be bought. Next month I get new tires for the truck! Yea! Just in time for winter and hopefully before it snows here,if it does.Well that's about it.I wantd to share the peas growing because I planted them in two drawers I had laying around and you can see they done very well.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting lots of Rain

It's been raining for three days here now.At least my outdoor plants got watered good.My carrots are getting bigger in the bucket and can't wait to harvest them soon.Won't be but a handful but it was after all an experiment on my part.Been collecting bags of soil for next years container garden.I'll have lots to do and hopefully it will turn out.I got a feeling I may have to expand this into the yard.If so well I will be able to control the grass and weed problems.I'm excited about this!

Also I have been watching the weather updates for the southeast and so far as I can tell we are going to have a very hard winter this year.I already told hubstead we need to stock up NOW on the pantry and get some covering for the windows.This week I get to get my pantry shelves in finally!Then I'm going to go buy some supplies.Close to Thanksgiving I get the windows covered in plastic(yeah I know we do this every year,cuts down on the heating bill).Works like a charm.We get a nasty north wind here that blows pretty hard and we sit on a hill.Usually a couple days before Thanksgiving it get cold.I have been out in 30 degree weather Thanksgiving day.We try to smoke a turkey but most of time that cold wind is blowing too hard to get the heat up in the smoker.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Gathering Peas and Such

Yeah I did good on the peas.I'm still getting peas off the vine and we have had cooler weather here.I harvested all my rosemary which wasn't much but still got alittle of it.My parsley I brought in and set it in the window sill,still growing like a charm.I had to bring in my three cherimoya trees and they seem to be getting really big,next year I think I'll have to do some grafting on one of them.My sister-in-law gave me a Christmas cactus and it finally took hold and wants to grow now.

She also gave me her dresser,now I have been wanting that dresser for awhile and she finally gave it up.There are two night stands too(wink),I'll see how long that takes.This dresser has the big mirror with the little shelves in it and it's all wood.I know I threw my back out when hubstead and I tried to move it in the house.It took me two days to get over that.Now to get the rest of the furniture I want.Got to have a new diningroom set and livingroom set.

Since they cut the grass update well the grass died in the front and back yard now it's only a brown color.But I know next year it will come back up.We are going to plant some different grass,rye grass to be specific.We had three does out in the yard last night and one had her two fawns with her.They like rye grass and we put out salt and peanut butter for them too.This was the first year seeing so many does at once.One is huge.The fawns are so cute.

We're fixing to get the gas turned on since the weather has turned off cool.I hate having a gas bill,gas is a little high here compared to being out in Texas.The electric is cheaper but they get you on the gas prices.I think they are in cohoots together lol.I still have the front door open and it's almost 6:00 p.m. It's been cloudy today and really nice.And I have a fan on me.Yeah I get hot easy.But I like working outside on some days.As long as it's not blistering hot.

It feels so weird knowing that this year is almost up.We got to get tires for the truck and that will be it.Thanksgiving is next month then Christmas.I'm not looking forward to 2016 because I think it will be a bad year for the United States.I'm not getting into the specifics but we all know what is happening in the world.If we can just hang in there til we get a new president then things will look up,my opinion and I'm sticking to it.I'm not a political person.Never have been but I watch what is going on and I don't like it one bit.

Ok enough of that,this is what has been going on around here,not much but we have been going at a snails pace and it's driving me nuts.My truck is finally paid off and now I got some breathing room!
After the first of the year we get to start working on the house finally which will make me feel a whole lot better.Besides I am the one who has to sit here and look at this place.I can see it already as a nice place once we get the hardwood floors in the walls paneled,and new furniture.Well gotta go its been nice to be back blogging.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

I Got Peas!

The idea worked and now I got peas growing on the vines.I noticed yesterday that I have alot of blooms which I hope will produce alot of peas.If so I'm keeping the setup there thru the winter and doing it again come Spring.
They've grown alot more since this picture.

But I liked the idea and went with it.Now we'll see what and how much it produces.I have two more drawers in the closet and thinking about setting Kale out come Spring.At this point I think container gardening will be my best bet.We do have alot of rabbits hanging around.Oh my carrots seem to be doing good but have not pulled any up yet.I am only going to get a handful anyways.I am excited to see if this round of carrots will produce.

Everything looks better since the grass got cut and the yard looks like it has more grass growing.When we first moved here it was alot of weeds.Now I have grass growing where there was weeds before.I let most of the grass seeds do it's own thing and spread.There are not even any clovers in the yard now.Which in turn will send the bees towards my plants when they have blooms.Today I have to harvest more parsley and the rest of the sage.I make cornbread dressing during the holidays around here and pumpkin pies. I'll have fresh sage to cook with this year. I love the holidays because it is the one time of year I get off my duff and really cook.Plus I'm getting a counter top stove this year.My little toaster oven has seen better days and I got to replace it.I'm excited about that too.This oven is bigger and can hold a full size pizza so I know I'll be cooking like crazy.I know it doesn't sound like much but right now I can't afford a regular stove.So anything is fine as long as I can cook.My kitchen is cluttered with stuff and I have NO counter space.But I will find room for this oven!

I'm getting settled in better here.If you have read my blog you know that I had a hard time getting settled.There are times where I still miss Texas something terrible but the more I do around here the more it feels like home.I'm getting used to the way people do things.Which is slow.But I do things at my own pace too.The floors aren't done yet and all the repairs and work is getting done at a snails pace.We had to pay off a major bill this month and now can breathe a little easier.I'm looking at next year to be a more faster pace to getting alot done around here.Including my chicken coop!I'm hoping that this was the last move we had in us.I'm tired of moving around and just want to keep quiet for a long while.The only way I'd move is if we found a small house,which,is unlikely.There aren't many small houses here and the ones that are,same thing,have to work on them,so I'd rather do the work here and stay.

Well that's about it,that's what's going on around here,which isn't much lol. Have a great Thursday!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Ew Snakes,a rabbit and cut grass

Yeah the lawn guys when they cut the grass found two snakes in the yard but they were near the far edge of the yard.I ask him did he think they may come back he figured no.The other guy however found a small rabbit.I told him that was probably the rabbit that had ate all my green beans.They did a great job and I really think they didn't charge me enough for the work they had to do. The grass was so bad and so high but he was a very nice guy and I'll have him cut the yard again.The grass shouldn't grow as fast since we have cool weather here.I sense it may have to be cut a few more times if this rain keeps up.

I'm in the process of emptying the pots out back.Most of the plants have seen better days and it's time for the clean up for fall.Some trees are turning here but not many yet.The maples seem to turn first.I'll be making more pine straw baskets as soon as the needles start to fall.I sold all the other ones I made last fall.Oh yeah the gourds,I got maybe 7 good ones but they turned out really small but doable.I have one that has dried out but not ready to get the seeds out yet.I didn't get to compost them this year but like I have been saying I am still experimenting on these things to see what I can grow and what I can't.So far I know I can grow gourds and luffas with no problems.

Well that's what is going on in my gardening world,I'm sitting here on my second cup of coffee and watching the weather channel.Hubstead is still getting some of the little things to go with his hunting gear.He still needs thermal underwear and socks and gloves and boots then that will keep him warm.My brother has a hunting blind that he uses for hunting and he uses a propane heater to keep warm in it.This blind is made like a little tiny wooden structure he built himself. The place he goes hunting has alot of deer around it so hopefully if the time is right we'll have some venison in the freezer.I am so looking forward to the venison stew to cook!

ok my fingers are freezing so that's what's going on today.We still haven't got our heat turned on yet but soon.So have a great Saturday today!!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alot to do today

It may not seem much to some people but today I get my grass cut!I had to get someone in here with a good lawn mower(riding) to do it.By this afternoon I'll be able to see how many gourds I got in the yard. It has been raining so much here the grass got over grown so bad.I have alot to do today,bills to pay got to pick up hubsteads jacket for hunting and run a few more errands.It has been cooling down here in the south and soon I'll have the gas turned back on and feeling warm again.The older I get the colder I get I think.

I got blooms on my peas vines so soon there will be peas.My little setup done good this year.The rest I have been harvesting and drying out(herbs).My coleus have outgrown their pot and the marigolds are done.I ended up with alot of marigold seeds.Next year I plan on potting all in containers and hopefully they will do good.It was a rough year for trying to grow stuff,have no idea why but everything was not doing good at all. I got nine tomatoes off my bush and they were small.I did get a few green beans before that pesty rabbit got a hold of them and they were really good too.So got to try again next year maybe it will be better.

That's about all that's been going around here.Not much.But am trying to get more things done.Gonna try to quit smoking,my doctor gave me something to help.I can do it but needed help.All the holidays are coming up and I am excited this year cause we can do more this year than last.I got a tree to set up but need the trimmings to go with it.Thanksgiving ,going to smoke a turkey this year.Hopefully too to have some deer meat in the freezer!

Ok well that's it everyone have a good Thursday!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yeah Deer Hunting Coming Up!

Yeah hubstead  will be ready for deer season.I love making venison stew and chili.I made a pot of chili today with beef but it's not the same as venison.I had stew before with venison my sister made and I got to figure out how she made the rich sauce it was cooked in,it was so good.But now that's out of the way,next is the winter clothes we got to buy.They say the south will be a bear this year.I keep thinking about buying a snow mobile lol.! I also made frybread to go with that chili.

There's nothing like having a freezer full of deer!

Well,my avocado tree died.How I have no idea.I think if I cut it back it may come back on it's own.It's still green in the stems and trunk.

I harvested the rest of my Basil and sage and rosemary,next is the rest of the parsley and I should be good to go on cooking herbs for awhile.

My poor dog has been sick for three days and finally he felt better today.Must have been a bug.He had the runs and I kept him in water and food.He could have gotten into the garbage which he knows better but no telling.Or he could have picked up something in the yard.As long as he is better and he's sleeping right now.

I get the grass cut on the first of the month.Maybe my gourds are alright.I haven't been able to get to them since the grass got so high.Oh well there is always next year.Also I'm planting luffas next year too I'm getting low on them around the house.I use them alot for different things.

Everything is getting done,still have to get tires for our truck and get the gas turned then winterizing the house.All before the end of the year.So far so good and it's still September.I am hoping we don't get a bad snow this year,it's so hard for us to get off this hill.We got snowed in last yer and year before last for week.If we lived further south we wouldn't have it so bad but because we live so close to Tennessee we get alot of bad weather here in North Alabama.And yes I have learned how to prepare for the snow in days!I always stock up on food and lamp oil and candles and such.We have stayed warm so far compared to our first winter here,we liked to of froze to death.But now we have gas heat and I cover the windows up real good and it helps keep in the heat.I can't believe it's getting close to being winter again.

Friday, September 11, 2015

So Much to Do

Well,it's getting close to the end of the year and still so much to get done.We got to get the gas turned back on,tires for the truck(mud and snow tires),don't look like the hubstead will get his rifle right now.He just told me that this morning.But I got to get some stuff planted for fall,cool weather is on it's way soon.I've been cleaning(yes cleaning again)this house and going through all the junk I collected over the past two years.It's funny how time goes by quick,it feels like we just moved here yesterday.It's been two years since we moved here.My peas are growing good no peas yet though.The rest of my plants are fixing to be harvested,mainly the herbs.I still have basil and sage and parsley left.I'll be bring them in this winter to grow,hopefully.

I have gourds but I don't know how many till I get the grass cut.Something else to do too.We are suppose to get some rain today,like we really need it.I want everything to dry out but that's not in the forecast.Things have been going fairly well around here.The bugs decided to come in and have been fighting them.Mainly fleas and mosquitoes. I didn't get the yard limed this year because of all the rain we've had. Got mosquitoes because of the tall grass I couldn't get cut.But soon.

All in all so far so good.The truck needs alittle work on it and the tires will help for this winter.We are still going to have a problem getting out especially if it turns into a bad winter.Which has been predicted this year,alot of snow for the south.Like I was really thrilled to hear(sarcasim) that but we'll see.We may end up with a mild one(fingers crossed).And we got to winterize the house again,We stayed nice and warm last year when we got the snow and it was great!I have the front door open right now and got a mild breeze coming in.I do miss Texas still.When everyone was cold we could have the front door open and it was still warm.And no hills to have to drive on,hubstead misses that alot.We've talked about that and maybe on down the road moving back there but it hasn't been decided.Some people can handle the cold,the older I get the less I can do it.These old bones hurt.

We are at 9/11 and today is a day to remember the WTC,so have a good one today and pray for the people who lost their lives on this day.

Friday, September 4, 2015

That time of the Year

Today I got my new glasses and I can see! I found someone to cut the grass and will be happy to be able to reach my gourds soon.I haven't checked on them in awhile and hopefully they are growing good.We haven't had no rain so far and the yard is finally drying out.The mosquitoes have been rough and keeping Orion from going out on the porch has been hard.It's so much cooler out there,sorry baby.I am loving this cooler weather and Fall feels like it's in the air here.All but the leaves changing. I used to like to see going up in Tennessee and seeing the trees there change colors.It's beautiful. I have had all the windows open and am airing the house out before it gets cold.I need to go buy some stuff to winterize the house again.I put up plastic on the windows to keep out the cold and put a heavy blanket on the double windows it seems to help alot.Next month we have to go get the heat on and get tires for the truck.All before the end of the year so many things have to be done.I may be off line for awhile shortly.Hubstead is getting a hunting rifle and we may have to give up the internet,you know how it goes.Getting meat in the freezer is more important than the net.He needs some hunting gear and stuff,we'll see how it goes.

Monday, August 31, 2015

My Eyes

Today went and seen the eye doctor.He said I have the start of cataracts in both my eyes and I have a mole on one of them.A mole?Yep a mole.How it got there only nature knows.Well I have to go back in two months and let him check it to see if it has gotten bigger.And I have dry eyes and need drops four times a day. Surgery?,probably so later on.But hey that's ok with me. I picked out my glasses and they will be ready in a week. I best get back to my beadwork while I can still see huh? I'll start that soon too.

Well that's what's going on today.I still can't see too good with all the tests they gave me today.I was surprised I could even drive home,but I made it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Finally some Sun

This is great,going to be sunny for a few days and we get to dry out! M peas are growing on the strings I set up and are doing good.Hopefully we'll have some soon.My carrots are doing better,I guess I planted too many in the bucket for them to grow before or it was a bad batch of seeds.I have to plant Kale the first of September.

Things have been going pretty good since the busted pipe under the house.So far it hasn't leaked.This house needs all the pipes replaced which is on the list to do around here.Have to also get this house ready for winter too.It's funny how it feels we just got over this past winter and here it comes again.Kids are already back in school and feels like fall in the air here.it's been cool and the days are so nice.I hope it stays this way for awhile.Hubstead has been sneezing and couching,something is going around here. I've talked to alot of people who has this crud. It's been nasty but fortunately I haven't caught it.It's more allergies than anything.

This is all I got left this summer.The peas are growing in the drawers I set out.I have two more for the Kale.The Avocado trees are doing really good.I need to repot it but I'm afraid if I do I might kill it.I killed two of my Cherimoya trees by doing that.Soon I'll be bringing in alot of this stuff and have NO idea where to put them.I have one north facing window that gets some light but I don't think it'll be enough to substain them thru the winter.I may have to put a couple in hubsteads office,it's a southeast facing window but it's also high too.The Coleus are the biggest thing to deal with.Can I keep them going?My herbs can put them in the kitchen window and give them plenty of light.

A guy where hubstead works has chickens and we have been buying fresh eggs from him.They are really good eggs too.We bought two dozen from them cause we go thru alot of eggs around here.I cook alot and bake too.Yeah that's probably why I weigh as much as I do.But that's ok I enjoy cooking!I sauteeded up some brussel sprouts last night that was out of this world.I put them in a small pan an added garlic and olive oil and butter.Then when they started carmelizing I added half a chicken buoillion and water and let them steam down.This the only way I'll eat brussel sprouts now.

Well that's what has been going on around here.Not much but at least it's going.Soon hubstead will be going hunting and we'll have some deer meat in the freezer for the winter.Yeah we eat deer meat.I'm getting where I can't eat beef anymore,I tolerate chicken sometimes but I do like fish.Cow meat is getting where it's stinks when I cook it,now it's fresh but it stinks to me.I have no idea why either.

Ok have a great Wedsday today and take it easy folks!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Rain and more Rain

Yep we are flooded again,dang rain.It's suppose to rain until Saturday.Grass is knee high or higher.What a week.Next week I got to go for some new glasses.Can't see that well with the ones I have.Peas are shooting up like crazy and carrots are doing well.Can't ask for anything better!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trying Something Different

I'm trying something different.

I now have peas coming up in these.This seems to be working and if so I have two more drawers and going to plant Kale in them.Besides I still have that pesty rabbit running around in the back yard.I hope it doesn't figure out how to get up on the deck.If this does good this year I'm trying the green beans next year the same way.I have found out that container gardening is easier on my back.So now I've got to go get some more 5 gallon buckets to set up.I'm fixing to pull up some of my Marigolds they went nuts this year but fortunately I had them in buckets too.I have 9 gourds so far and so need to cut the grass around them.It's been raining here and about the time we dry out it rains again.So aggravating.I also planted some more carrots and they are coming up and the tomatoe plants I had left are growing good.I didn't get my lettuce in this year but I'm willing to wait till I have a good place for them.Besides I've have misplaced my seeds somewheres along with my okra too.Gosh I hate that not being able to remember!I guess I'll have to tear apart some places.

I'm on new medication and my brain is not working right,yet,anyways.I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the day!Anyway have a great Wedsday!

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Little at a Time

Yesterday ,we had a down pour of rain.Needless to say the swamp out front has come back and we still haven't gotten the whole front yard mowed.Today it looks the same.I was hoping we could cut all the grass out back and finish the front but now it looks we'll have to wait for it to dry out.I have been watching the weather this morning and dry weather is coming after this.My gourds are over run with grass and weeds and no relief in site so far.I don't even know how many gourds I have.I did get my snow peas in and I have to trellis them this weekend.

Our hummingbirds have not been as many this year too.I suspect someone around here has set out more feeders than we did.Maybe by next month we will get more birds come by.We really enjoy watching them fly back and forth around here.

Today we got to get groceries and pick up some nails for my project out back.I'm kind of getting excited,hubstead has a chance to buy a rifle to go hunting this year.We need a rifle around here anyways.Always a good thing to have on a homestead.We know that there are black bears around and I don't want to get caught out in the yard with one.They are elusive and don't show theirselves but it don't hurt to be cautious.

Well have a great FRIDAY! and a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'm Trying Again

I got my carrots planted.This time I planted Scarlet Nantes to see how well these will do.I also didn't plant as many as I did the organic carrots.Which by the way didn't do very well.I don't know about buying seeds at the local store(the big W)because the quality don't seem to be as good as buying them from the local feed store where I go.Next month I'm planting Kale again but they are going into some left over drawers I have from the kitchen.These drawers aren't useful since we are planning on remodeling the kitchen.I have four and two will be for kale and the other two I'll be using for peas.I want to see how well my new project on these will work out.

I found this picture on the internet but something like this.

I want to string the peas up from the porch to keep the critters off them.Same with the kale to keep the rabbits from eating them.Problem is that my back deck isn't very big and it's gonna be a tight squeeze with the plants.But it will be full lol! I'm bringing in some of my plants and try to make house plants out of them for the winter. Like my Crown of Thorns and Coleus.My herbs are about done growing so that will be some open pots to use. And the marigolds are almost done too.I've been saving seeds from the Marigolds,I'll be sharing them with my sister-in-law for her garden next year.She has a project shes' working on for her front yard.I told her not to buy any seeds I would help her with those.Reminds me to buy some buckets soon too.I'm going container I guess.

Hubstead wants to put a pool out back next year.I told him fine go ahead but I'm still putting plants out there.I still like to grow some of my bigger ones like the corn and gourds and loofas.He wasn't too happy about that but told me I could do that too.I may just go into the front yard since we live off the main roads to do a front yard garden too.I found someone to build the chicken coop next spring but don't know the cost yet.I want the same guy to build me a couple of trellis' for my gourds and loofas.
With hubstead working like he does he don't have time to build too much.He decided against the smokehouse for now.

Orion is doing good,we are getting the handle on the fleas but poor him he still scratches alot.I have to give him a benadril every now and then to help.We keep him bathed as much as possible to rid him of the fleas but he loves his grass to roll around in.I've found one tick on him so far.He has shedded so bad this year.

Well that's about it,that's all going on around here.I got to get up and do some house work.Everyone have a great day!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Round Two on Planting

Well I had to so I went ahead and planted some more carrots but these were different kinds.I found a picture somewheres and I'm going to try next month on growing my peas from a string trellis attached to the porch railing.I still have to figure out how and where I'm going to put my kale.I may just try to container it too.That rabbit is still near by and I don't want it eating my kale up.I found one of my tomatoe plants I thought got thrown out from the hornworm problem but it survived somehow so I'm keeping an eye on it.It's still in the circle garden and I must of didn't pull hard enough to pull it up.

Today is gotta get off our butts and tackle the yard day.The grass is knee high.Got to mow and weed eat.Not gonna be pretty.The weather here has cooled down a little and we got a breeze coming in the house which makes it very pleasant.I have six gourds now! I am so happy about them coming in.I don't know how many I'll have yet but it's looking like there are going to be more.Last year I tried my hands at loofas and done good but we had a huge windstorm that blew over my trellis and it killed some of the loofas.These gourds are growing along the ground so I don't have to worry about that this year. Wonder what I can do next year?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not Giving Up

I got my butt handed to me this year on the garden but I'm not giving up or in yet.I am still looking forward to planting the kale and okra for fall. Around here I always have something to plant.I didn't pull all my tomatoe plants up.I still have two in a pot I cut back and they are coming back out.I hope I can still get tomatoes off of them. Something got into the pot where I had two Cherimoya trees planted and torn them up I suspect a squirrel did it.I caught it,it's squirrel stew for him.I have one that hangs around here alot and he's big! I check my plants every day now.

This morning I have to harvest some basil and more sage. It's been so hot here that my basil is wanting to bolt and my coleus have already bolted.I just pinch the tops off and keep them going.My rosemary is now growing very well.We had some rain and I also water them with the rain water from the barrels.All the plants I have left are doing better.Next month and into September I get to plant more Yah! I hope the weather with cooperate.

I've had trouble sleeping and yesterday I went to go see my doctor.For all who have read my blogs know that I am Bipolar and have to have medication for it.He prescribed some pills to help me get regulated on my sleep.I know I have to be careful about it.But last night I slept very well and was alittle groggy this morning.I'm feel better with more sleep.I was just cat napping for a few hours here and there.Not good.So for a month he wants me to try these out and see if it helps.

Well everyone have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Flower and Gourds

Yellow Cannas

The gourds are growing good

Well the vines are growing very long and I am getting gourds.I have three so far.These are Cosican gourds and I'm gonna be selling these after they are ready.We're suppose to get some rain today and thru this week,fingers crossed!I am not happy about the tomatoes or green beans and carrots but I'll try again next year.I think next year I'll do some container gardening to see how that works out,besides hubstead wants to put in a pool out back.The gourd type plants I noticed,takes alot of water.I didn't get my loofas out this year because my trellis got blown over by some heavy wind.Now I'll have to make another.I got thru my first two years of gardening and experimenting and kept records of all this so now I got an idea of what it's going to take to get a full garden growing.But I'm going to wait till I can figure out my yard space to do it in.

Well got to get up and get going this morning have alot to do.have a great Tuesday!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Almost All Gone

WELLLLL yep my tomatoes got those hornworms and boy did they devastated my plants.I have no tomatoes.My green beans got ate by a rogue rabbit,and my carrots failed.I hope this fall I do better. I went out to pick those buggers off the vines and then I was sick for two days and couldn't go in the yard.By the time  I got to the tomatoes the whole plant was gone. So today I pulled up the plants and the green beans(something besides the rabbit was eating on them too)and chunked them. The rest of the herbs are doing good.I wonder whether the weather had something to do with it? Oh well I'll do better this coming fall cause I want to get my Kale in with the okra.I'm pretty disappointed this year but it's all the hard knocks and not giving up or in!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hunting A Wabbit

Yep that munching,jumping,furry little nusance has found its' way in the back yard and has been munching on my green beans! If it don't watch itself,it will be sitting on my table drenched in sauce. I only have one back here so far but I know it has already told its' buddies about the veggies in the back.Thank goodness I put the carrots up in buckets on the back deck or they would be into those too.
I knew sooner or later they would be back there,I was hoping not so soon.

Well my chocolate mint wasn't mint after all.I am so pissed about that.The person who I got the seeds from just sent me weed seeds instead! So now I'm minus mint this year.Why do people do that?
But the rest of the plants are growing and I've been harvesting tomatoes before the hornworms get to them.I found one worm already and killed it.I'm letting some of the bigger tomatoes ripen in the window sill.

Got to cut the grass this weekend,we got all that rain and now it's growing like crazy.Fun,fun! Hubstead had a week off from work and we got a few things done.Mainly though he took a much needed rest and I wasn't hard on him.Orion got over the fireworks and has calmed down.All together it was a nice week.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Good Rain and a Good Fourth of July

When it rains it pours around here and we got a good soaking from Mother Nature finally. Both my barrels are full to the rim and the garden has perked up a lot. The 4th was not loud but tolerable with the fireworks and Orion lived through it.Of course he had to find a hole to crawl in but he's just fine today. When he was little, hunters killed his mother and since then he is gun shy.Any popping ,banging noise freaks him out.So he'll be fine,we held him and told him it was ok we we're there.

We didn't go see any fireworks,we mainly stayed home to steer clear of the crowds.We did cook on the grill and had a nice supper.So the evening was a good one.

Today we went to my brothers and my sister-in-law gave me some yellow Cannas that I'm going to plant out  in the front yard.I'm going to see if I can get some red ones and share them with her.And she also gave me some of her Ivy.So now I got the start of something lol. Just about everything she has is yellow.She has some really pretty pink and red and yellow rose bushes.I need to get some flowering plants in here and some bushes myself.All in time I suppose.Everything here has been moving slowly.Next Spring hopefully and I can post some pictures!

Well just a quick update here and have a good evening!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone and be safe with the fireworks. This may be our last 4th under the Obama Administration since he is banning grilling and fireworks:(

Friday, July 3, 2015

We Got Rain! Finally!

Squealing! We finally got the much needed rain here! I know the plants are loving it.It's been so dry here,every time we pulled in the driveway the dust would kick up. Here while back you remember we got rain and a lot of it and I wished it would stop but when you have a garden you pray for it.So now we got it again.Feels so much better now and the air is nice and cool.I haven't been on the front porch yet but am going there after this.

I pulled two green tomatoes off the vine yesterday.I got some bugs to take care of after the rain is done.They look like stink bugs and I found some eggs from something.I'm still pulling green beans from the vines and the rest is doing pretty good.I harvested some Marjoram the other day and got it drying out.My Parsley is looking kind of weak and the sage is still growing strong.Next year I'm planting Thyme again and see if it will come up better.And I think I may try to grow some corn even though we don't eat a lot of corn but would like to have it when I make soup and stuff

I planted some seeds that someone sent me that was suppose to be chocolate mint and something came up but it doesn't smell like a mint.Every where I planted the seeds in the pot came up and I don't know what they are.I think I'm just going to pull them up and try something else. I lost a few plants this year compared to last year but that's ok,it's all in doing it.I just saw a picture and no what I got does not look like what is in the pot,drats! Oh well try,try again.

Well the 4th is coming tomorrow and I hope everyone enjoys our possible last 4th of July celebrations.Looks like everything we have done over the centuries are coming to an end.I'm very sad that we can't do the things we love anymore.We may be in chains but we are still AMERICANS that won't change!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Quiet Morning

Ah no t.v. on,no barking dogs,no stereo,just the humming of the ceiling fan in the diningroom.I just went out back and checked on my plants and they seem to be doing good. I love mornings like these.I already went thru all my emails and posts and read alittle about what was going on in the world. Now to start my day as easy as I can.On my second cup of coffee and typing.Today later,I got to go wash clothes and it's suppose to be around 90 today.I have to keep an eye on the plants and make sure they don't dry out. I pulled a handful of green beans yesterday and put them up so I can add to them.They are really good and I almost forgot how good green beans were from the garden.

This is all I have left as far as containers.

I lost one bucket of carrots,and my aloe.My thyme never came up and I didn't get anymore.As far as everything else,it's been slow going but it's going.My green beans are putting out every day and my tomatoes out in the yard are almost ready,I think a few more weeks will do it before I can start harvesting everything. I already done a sage bundle to burn and I have more sage growing. I have to repot the Cherimoya trees,they are getting bigger by the day.I may use the bucket for one of them.
We still haven't had too much rain,really very little rain.I have to water the plants by hand every day on some.Today will be like that too. I have to start thinking about the fall garden and what I want to get going there next. The Corsican Gourds are doing ok and putting out runners all over the place,I hope I can get a few gourds from them.

Well that's the update on those things. Hope you have a good Monday.I know alot of people hate Mondays,I do too.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Little Rain YES!

We are finally getting a little rain here,the plants needed it so bad.I just went out back and checked on them.I hope we get more today,keeping fingers crossed.We need a good downpour more than anything.So far it's just been real light.But the good news is that the cool front has gotten here and it feels real nice right now.It's only suppose to get to 81 today.(YES)! About time,we have been sweltering here under some heat here lately.I am hoping to get enough to fill the rain barrels back up.

Went to the store yesterday and picked up some little picture frames.Purple has become my new favorite color.

5x7 picture frame

I got two of these and for my phone I got a purple two tone case. I also got a purple,black and white blanket.I usually like different colors but for now the flavor of the month is purple.We have another bedroom that I was thinking of turning it into a gypsy style room.I may save these frames for that. Wouldn't that look cool?All sorts of colors?  I like the southwest look but am trying something different.

Today is cleaning day and I need to get off my duff and go clean but for now I'm gonna sit here and drink the rest of my coffee and enjoy the quiet.Have a great Saturday everyone!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Can You Imagine? Hot Weather

It's been some kind of hot here in the south.I take two to three showers a day(can't say I stink lol),and this morning I was thinking about how the women ,way back,use to wear ALL  those clothes and bonnets.Can you imagine how hot they were? I have old pictures of my ancestors with long dresses on and I couldn't do it.Oh and the hair being long and they use to pile it up on their heads.Oh my such agony! But that was the norm then compared to now.And having to cook in a wood burning stove in the house too.Some would cook outside on a fire pit or have a setup for an outside stove.Wow!I really don't mind the heat,but it's the humidity that will hurt you.We are getting a cool front coming tomorrow and hopefully some rain.We are dying for some rain here.

Well just a little thought to get this Thursday going.Be glad we got the clothes we have now.I'm making some brownies later on today.Might even sneak and get a beer from the frig and make some beer bread.Hubstead gets a little upset when I make beer bread from his beer lol.But what can he say when I already did it ha!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

There is ALWAYS something to do on the homestead

Like it never ends.Already got up this morning and watered plants from buckets cause now I don't have a hose.Thank goodness my garden is small. Hubstead will have to put me in a pipe so I can water from a hose sometime this summer.I had to bring in some of my herbs.The sun was killing them something bad.I brought in my parsley and rosemary.I'll probably bring in my marjoram tomorrow.We are going to be hot tomorrow at around 97 degrees.

My sister-in-laws daughter and husband gave us an air conditioner for free.I thank them from the bottom of my heart.We slept under it last night. I may have to turn it on and report from the bedroom tomorrow too.Orion loved it,he was always in an air conditioned place before.He's like me,I like it cool.We are suppose to have cooler weather in by this weekend.I hope so and some rain!Very excited about that.

My sister-in-law gave me some milkweed seeds yesterday.I'm going to plant them next year and hope the butterflies will show up.I have quite a few to plant and need to figure out where to plant them.Any ideas?

I still have seeds put up.I didn't get the flowers out this year like I wanted to.I wanted to plant the daisies but didn't get around to getting a spot open for them.My coleus are so full in the pot,I love the colors.

Looking pretty good so far.

The tomato plants out in the yard are doing the same.I have one Roma tomato plant coming up,the seeds got mixed in the beefsteaks. But that's ok I'll still use them.Well when these guys get done I'm gonna try my hand at canning,wish me luck cause I've never canned before so any tips would be welcomed.We use a lot of stewed tomatoes around here. Well have a great Tuesday today and stay cool!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hot Water finally!

Yesterday was a busy day.My brother came up and helped hubstead with the hot water tank.It was pretty hot in the house and my sister-in-law almost passed out from the heat.She's ok now.She just wasn't used to sitting under fans like we are.It got warm about 94 degrees but in the house it's warmer.No I don't have an air conditioner of any type,and right now can't afford it.If I do anything I do it in the mornings or late at night when it cools off. Anyway,they hooked up the hot water heater(the new one) and now we can take hot showers.Yeah hot showers on a hot day?,well it gets the grubbys off.And no more heating water up for the dishes. BUT the way they hooked it up is only temporary,they hooked the water lines up from the washer hoses and now I can't water the garden.I'll have to haul water from the sink to water the plants and it is hard work doing it like that.It works though,I'd rather have the hot water and put alittle effort into the other.Hubstead has been helping me with the little bit of garden I have.

I harvested a handful of green beans yesterday too.I got them put up until I can add more to them.My tomatoe plants are pretty full and the carrots are doing well.So I am happy with the results so far.I just hope they don't die on me with this heat.I am wishing for some rain here in the south,we sure need it.You know I have to give kudos to those women who way back when in the 1800s wore their dresses they way they did.It wouldn't jive now not in this day and age.They had to be burning up.

Well that's it for this Sunday,everyone have a great day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Got Green Beans Yah!

Yep I got green beans,so that means I did good on those.My bucket carrots however failed.Guess I'll have to find something else to grow in them.I have two small kitchen drawers I'm not using since we are going to replace the cabinets any way so I'll be using those for growing something in,maybe leaf lettuce.I have a ton of seeds of those.I need to start looking around for a place for my okra this year.I have the dwarf variety.

Boy it was hot yesterday and gonna be hotter today.It's suppose to rain tomorrow and we sure need it. It's been a week of no rain here and even though it's dried out the grass enough for hubstead to cut it,we still need it.We have a busted pipe under the house and today he has to fix it.How it busted have no idea but this place is old and alot of things are going to break down.

Well just wanted to get this little bit out there.Have a great Wednesday!

I take it back-I GOT CARROTS!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Here comes the Heat

Go Heat? Boy we do now,going to be in the 90s' this week.And if I have to do anything I have to do it in the mornings, I still have to put some top soil in with the plants.See I don't an air conditioner for the house and by afternoon,I'm burning up. I take three showers a day,yep,it's that bad.We are going to get one for just the bedroom.When we first got here,my brother let us use his but we had to give it back.So now we got to go buy one.I don't mind it too bad,the front porch usually has a breeze and if we get lucky a small shower will wander in and cool this off a little.I got somewhat use to the heat out in Texas so 90s aren't too bad for me as long as I'm in a shaded area.

I did a booboo.NEVER use tea tree oil on your skin.I had a place on my nose I was treating and put too much tea tree oil on it and ended up actually burning my skin.It's bad and now I have to treat the burn.Yes it did burn like hell. I've used tea tree oil before but I just used too much this time,so now I know not to do that again.I'm using aloe and it's working pretty good.

Everything in the garden is doing better.My marigolds I set out are blooming and I got alot of tomatoes on my plants.The gourds are starting to have long runners and gourds on them.My carrots however I think are a failure they are not looking good but I may get a few from the buckets.Hubstead said I should try container gardening instead of having the yard tilled up.I just think he doesn't want to till the yard.He likes grass too much lol.I told him maybe,I don't know yet.I like the idea myself but I told him with what I plant it would take alot of containers and we don't really have the room on the back deck for that.But it's an idea.

Well have a great Monday people,may your day go good!

Friday, June 12, 2015

One step forward Two steps back

Yep it all happens to all of us,right when one thing happens,something goes wrong and we got to keep pushing.I'm finding this out with homesteading and trying to get things done. Right now it's with our internet service.Where we are we had to get an expensive satellite service instead of cable.Cable won't be here for another year.I don't like the satellite because when the storms roll in the service goes out.And trying to stay on top on the bill is crazy.So if I don't write for awhile you'll know why,I won't be offline too long.

Yesterday I did manage to get some of the topsoil put around the tomatoes.I'm trying to build up that bed with stuff.I can't find any mulch,it's like it's a rare thing around here or either I'll just have to go hunting for it.Most of what they have is the colored mulch and I don't want that for the garden.This morning I have to put some top soil in my green bean row and add some to my gourds. I got another little gourd coming in and so that makes two now.When the green beans are grown and ready to harvest,I'm trying my hand at canning,how well I do,who knows but I want to give it a try.Every little thing helps.

It rained alittle here yesterday but not enough to do any good.My rain barrels have some rain water in them left from a previous rain so I can water with that if I have to.I looked and it looks like we are fixing to go through a dry spell here in the south.It's fixing to get hot and muggy.Well that's about it for this morning,got work to do,everyone have a Great Friday and a relaxed weekend!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Finding Time to do the Little Things

Yes I am a stay at home person but even if I am,it seems hard to find the time to do all the things that need to be done. This place needs that time I can find. This morning I have to get outside and do some weeding in my little garden and put down some top soil for the plants.This is a job I am not looking forward to cause I have to sit down to it.My knees are not too functioning here lately.I get a piece of plastic and sit on it for those types of weeding.
I could not find a screen door around here to fit our front door,so,had to break down and buy one of those hanging screens.I'm not too fond of it but Orion loves it cause he can still run in and out.It's going to be warm today and I have to get out this morning before it turns hot.

The plants are doing better. I've been kind of puzzled on some of them on how slow growing they seem to be.Last year everything popped up pretty fast but this year they are taking their time to get there. My Rosemary is still small and so is the chocolate mint.The carrots I figured out,I had too many in the bucket ,some have died on me.But I have harvested the Basil and the Sage very well,and a little of the Marjoram.I have blooms on the tomatoe plants and the green beans,so,it won't be long till I get something from them.Also today,we have some small kitchen drawers I'm going to recycle into planters for my kale.Even though I'm planting kale for fall too.I love kale,I got hooked on it last year with the dwarf kale but this year I'm planting kale that has bigger leaves.I have one Corsican gourd but don't know if it will survive.I'm thinking I really should had planted the luffas again this year since they turned out so nice last year.I'm getting the blooms on the gourds and getting the bees but no gourds.I even hand pollenated the blooms but nothing yet.I'll have to keep trying and experiment with these guys.Again everything takes time(sighs).

Wow just looked outside and boy it is foggy here this morning.Can't even see the road.Oh the road by the way I went to my first City Counsel meeting last week about this road.What a pain in the ass it was.I'm not going to include details on the meeting,BORING,but needless to say they can't fix the road by the house.Now this leaves us in a pickle still for the wintertime.We have three families that live back here and none of us can get out during the winter.One road is always froze over and the other is so slick you can't get up it.AND they don't have a sanding truck to help us out.The garbage truck always bust the pipes that run under the road because we sit on some what soft clay.They have no idea how to fix it.In the meantime we are screwed.When it's dry it's great,we can come and go but if I knew then when we purchased the house what I know now,nope never would of happened.

Well it looks like I'm going to have to wait till this fog burns off to get out in the yard to work.It's kind of creepy looking and I don't like getting in the yard when it's like that since we live some what in a wooded area.Here we have black bears and foxes and bobcats,yeah I'll stay inside for right now.Funny how everything here is named after a bear.They should name some of it after the all the deers we have running around.Which I haven't seen none of my backyard deers since hunting season last year.I think they might had been shot.Of course I have seen plenty by the roadside from being hit by cars and that's sad.

Well since I got a little time on my hands now I guess I will go change the sheets on the bed and get that room cleaned up.Have a good Wednesday everyone.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Warming up in the South

All week this week we have had some really nice weather.Got a chance to cut some grass and drying out. The humidity has been high and been walking around sweating,but,that's ok,I'll take it.The plants are loving this warm weather and sunshine.The Coleus are having some nice color come in and the rest of the potted plants are doing well except for the carrots.I don't think I will get  as many as I would like. My garden isn't  doing as well as last years'. I have one small gourd so far.Maybe the rotation was wrong.I planted the plants in different locations this time like I was suppose to. Hubstead said we should go with container gardening instead of trying to plant in the yard.All we have here is clay for dirt.I mixed top soil and compost with the clay and it seems to be doing good but still not really loose enough I think to handle the root system. Will have to think that over for next year.

The herbs are doing great in the pots and I still have some to transfer to bigger pots.I planted alot this year. My parsley I have already harvested it twice and I need to do it again soon.I harvested some sage the other day and got it drying hanging up.And I took a couple of swigs off my Marjoram too.The Rosemary is growing very slow.Well that's an update of the growing process I got going. Rain is expected to come in Monday,we'll see.Every time it dries out here comes more rain and it's suppose to rain all week.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Some New Plant Growth

A pot of Coleus

The Corsican Gourds are blooming

Last year I grew loofas,this year it's Corsican gourds.I will be growing loofas next year along with some more gourds.I wanted to get in some blooming plants but didn't get around to it.These are so pretty with their white blooms.The rain has let up some,we get some spotty showers but nothing major.We're gonna get some grass cutting in tomorrow finally.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Positive Thinking

Sitting here looking at the house,we can't wait to get started on the flooring and walls.We are having to wait on these things till we get some "other" stuff paid off.Sometimes it happens when you are just starting off,everything has to come in time. Positive thinking has kept me sane so far. We have so much to do to the house and want it over with. I've concentrated on mainly the outside,keeping it clean and picked up.Doing a garden sure has helped. Keeps me active and focused.Working towards a goal for a homestead is very important.Once you see all your hard work coming together is wonderful.Today I'm going to go in a few minutes and wash off the pollen from the front porch,we got slammed with that mess.Not to mention all the cobwebs too.Our hummingbird has come home and he has been flying around,the rest hasn't showed up yet.Tomorrow we are suppose to have some rain come in I think for a couple of days.The plants out back really need the rain water. Life has blessed us and I thank God for it. Hurry up September that's our pay off time!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yard plants I didn't post

My tomatoe plants are doing great this year.

I only planted a few corsican gourds they now have blooms on them.

A little row of bush beans.

Crown of thorns and some Dark Korean peppers in the pot(I think)

Another angle of all the potted plants,no I'm not organized.
I have put these where they get the most sun and shade.

There ya have it,so far so good.I still need to dig up some more rows for other plants.
Update on Barking dogs,she has been keeping them out of our yard so far.Haven't heard a peep out of them at all.

A Slight Rant

Everyone of you know I have a dog and I love animals. We had some new neighbors move in and they have three little dogs.I thought oh how cute and they are cute.But they are not cared for.They ended up standing in my driveway barking up a storm.Now you know we moved here for the quiet and this has not sat well with me,her letting these dogs do this.So.......yesterday was confrontation day and she yelled a bunch of obcenities at me because I chased her dog out of my yard.Needless to say I turned her in to the pound people,we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Now I don't usually do this BUT we have copperheads and water moccasins around here and I have enough to deal with watching Orion to make sure he don't get bit.How am I suppose to watch hers?Plus they were crapping right next to our truck where we have to get in.Yeah I think a small rant is in order. So far this morning I haven't heard a peep out of them.I get so tired of people letting their animals run loose.Chances here of an animal getting rabies is high and I don't like the fact I could get bit from someones dog or cat for that matter.Am I wrong? Orion is on a lead in the front yard (he has a bad habit of running off) and there is a leash law here. One that gets enforced if your animal is caught.You either pen them up(fenced in yard) or they have to be on a leash.O.k. rant over with!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hanging in and Hanging out

I still have a cough from last week but things are getting better. We had a cold front come in yesterday and now it's getting quite chilly this morning. This week has been spending time out back doing some weeding and adding compost to stuff.My beans are growing very well now except for a pesty squirrel making a nuisance of himself.He's been digging in the beans for what I don't know but I'll get rid of him soon enough. The gourds have took off now. The vines are growing pretty fast and I got to figure out which way I want them to go in the yard.

This got seperated yesterday into another pot.I have alot of sage.

The avocado tree is doing wonderful,here's a close up.

I'm excited I looked and my chocolate mint is coming up,slowly but coming up!!!

So I would say so far,this years' little garden will be a success,the tomatoe plants are fixing to bloom. I have bees coming by so I'm hoping they'll do some work for me. I also seperated the Coleus too. My ex mother-in-law used to have so many of those and I enjoyed watching them grow and she had some beauties too.I have some with yellow and red so far. I made a smaller pot with a few of them. I don't know why I wanted them this year but figured I give them a try. I have been amazed at what all grows here.I watch the weather channel to see what kind of temperatures and how much rain we get. I  was digging around in the compost bin yesterday too and found a potatoe plant,yes a potatoe plant. So I put it near the deck and I thought I killed it but to my surprise it's thriving. I didn't think the ones from the grocery store was suppose to come up but some do I guess.We'll see how it does. I didn't get my garbage can going for them so this is a trial run.

The potted tomatoe plants are growing.

A little fuzzy but this  is the Wild Magnolia tree growing in the woods out back.

I planted the marigolds and used the pot I had them to repot the Basil.Took off like crazy after I did that. The Marjoram decided to start growing too.BUT the Thyme did nothing so I'm going to be minus thyme this year.My Rosemary seems to be doing better too. I've had to move the plants around on the deck to see where they will grow the best and so far I got them doing good. It rained pretty hard yesterday so they seem to grow faster with rain water. So now everything is watered for today and we're not suppose to get anymore till Monday.

If you will notice on my blogs,I do not talk politics or the state of what the world is in,I refuse to do that.I write this bog for my experiences with growing food and everyday living.I like keeping it simple.I hope you enjoy this because I really enjoy sharing with you! I try to write every week if I can and keep you updated. There isn't much going on right now but this is what I have so far.I just walked out back to check on things and it has become cool today.Everything looks great. We got some wind with this mess.My back deck smells so good with all those herbs! Yeah that's a good reason to grow them!

This coming up month of June- I am going to get that screen door for the front,it drives me nuts not being able to keep my front door open.We got all sorts of wasps and flies that like to come in. And it's really nice having the door open on a warm night. Can't wait! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Progress at Last(Plant updates)

Carrots in the containers and a pot of Parsley

Avocado trees and some Marigolds

My Sage is doing very well

The Rosemary and the Marjoram is growing slow
I also am growing Coleus up top

I had a couple of Tomatoe plants left from the yard so I decided to pot these

The Basil is doing fantastic

Pot of Coleus

I have managed to get thru the last two weeks with a toothache(got it pulled) and for the last week a really bad sinus infection.When I look at my plants,all that pain goes away and I get into gardening mode.It helps.And it's free compared to that dentist I saw. Something was eating on my green beans but I took care of that with some powdered stuff.The tomatoe plants in the yard are growing very well and the gourds are doing ok. It will take time for them to really get going.We are suppose to have rain come this weekend which the plants really need it.The only thing I didn't plant was the potatoes,well maybe next year.I got enough going right now.I'm looking at tillers  for next year too.