Friday, October 23, 2015

Gathering Peas and Such

Yeah I did good on the peas.I'm still getting peas off the vine and we have had cooler weather here.I harvested all my rosemary which wasn't much but still got alittle of it.My parsley I brought in and set it in the window sill,still growing like a charm.I had to bring in my three cherimoya trees and they seem to be getting really big,next year I think I'll have to do some grafting on one of them.My sister-in-law gave me a Christmas cactus and it finally took hold and wants to grow now.

She also gave me her dresser,now I have been wanting that dresser for awhile and she finally gave it up.There are two night stands too(wink),I'll see how long that takes.This dresser has the big mirror with the little shelves in it and it's all wood.I know I threw my back out when hubstead and I tried to move it in the house.It took me two days to get over that.Now to get the rest of the furniture I want.Got to have a new diningroom set and livingroom set.

Since they cut the grass update well the grass died in the front and back yard now it's only a brown color.But I know next year it will come back up.We are going to plant some different grass,rye grass to be specific.We had three does out in the yard last night and one had her two fawns with her.They like rye grass and we put out salt and peanut butter for them too.This was the first year seeing so many does at once.One is huge.The fawns are so cute.

We're fixing to get the gas turned on since the weather has turned off cool.I hate having a gas bill,gas is a little high here compared to being out in Texas.The electric is cheaper but they get you on the gas prices.I think they are in cohoots together lol.I still have the front door open and it's almost 6:00 p.m. It's been cloudy today and really nice.And I have a fan on me.Yeah I get hot easy.But I like working outside on some days.As long as it's not blistering hot.

It feels so weird knowing that this year is almost up.We got to get tires for the truck and that will be it.Thanksgiving is next month then Christmas.I'm not looking forward to 2016 because I think it will be a bad year for the United States.I'm not getting into the specifics but we all know what is happening in the world.If we can just hang in there til we get a new president then things will look up,my opinion and I'm sticking to it.I'm not a political person.Never have been but I watch what is going on and I don't like it one bit.

Ok enough of that,this is what has been going on around here,not much but we have been going at a snails pace and it's driving me nuts.My truck is finally paid off and now I got some breathing room!
After the first of the year we get to start working on the house finally which will make me feel a whole lot better.Besides I am the one who has to sit here and look at this place.I can see it already as a nice place once we get the hardwood floors in the walls paneled,and new furniture.Well gotta go its been nice to be back blogging.

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