Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alot to do today

It may not seem much to some people but today I get my grass cut!I had to get someone in here with a good lawn mower(riding) to do it.By this afternoon I'll be able to see how many gourds I got in the yard. It has been raining so much here the grass got over grown so bad.I have alot to do today,bills to pay got to pick up hubsteads jacket for hunting and run a few more errands.It has been cooling down here in the south and soon I'll have the gas turned back on and feeling warm again.The older I get the colder I get I think.

I got blooms on my peas vines so soon there will be peas.My little setup done good this year.The rest I have been harvesting and drying out(herbs).My coleus have outgrown their pot and the marigolds are done.I ended up with alot of marigold seeds.Next year I plan on potting all in containers and hopefully they will do good.It was a rough year for trying to grow stuff,have no idea why but everything was not doing good at all. I got nine tomatoes off my bush and they were small.I did get a few green beans before that pesty rabbit got a hold of them and they were really good too.So got to try again next year maybe it will be better.

That's about all that's been going around here.Not much.But am trying to get more things done.Gonna try to quit smoking,my doctor gave me something to help.I can do it but needed help.All the holidays are coming up and I am excited this year cause we can do more this year than last.I got a tree to set up but need the trimmings to go with it.Thanksgiving ,going to smoke a turkey this year.Hopefully too to have some deer meat in the freezer!

Ok well that's it everyone have a good Thursday!!

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