Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yeah Deer Hunting Coming Up!

Yeah hubstead  will be ready for deer season.I love making venison stew and chili.I made a pot of chili today with beef but it's not the same as venison.I had stew before with venison my sister made and I got to figure out how she made the rich sauce it was cooked in,it was so good.But now that's out of the way,next is the winter clothes we got to buy.They say the south will be a bear this year.I keep thinking about buying a snow mobile lol.! I also made frybread to go with that chili.

There's nothing like having a freezer full of deer!

Well,my avocado tree died.How I have no idea.I think if I cut it back it may come back on it's own.It's still green in the stems and trunk.

I harvested the rest of my Basil and sage and rosemary,next is the rest of the parsley and I should be good to go on cooking herbs for awhile.

My poor dog has been sick for three days and finally he felt better today.Must have been a bug.He had the runs and I kept him in water and food.He could have gotten into the garbage which he knows better but no telling.Or he could have picked up something in the yard.As long as he is better and he's sleeping right now.

I get the grass cut on the first of the month.Maybe my gourds are alright.I haven't been able to get to them since the grass got so high.Oh well there is always next year.Also I'm planting luffas next year too I'm getting low on them around the house.I use them alot for different things.

Everything is getting done,still have to get tires for our truck and get the gas turned then winterizing the house.All before the end of the year.So far so good and it's still September.I am hoping we don't get a bad snow this year,it's so hard for us to get off this hill.We got snowed in last yer and year before last for week.If we lived further south we wouldn't have it so bad but because we live so close to Tennessee we get alot of bad weather here in North Alabama.And yes I have learned how to prepare for the snow in days!I always stock up on food and lamp oil and candles and such.We have stayed warm so far compared to our first winter here,we liked to of froze to death.But now we have gas heat and I cover the windows up real good and it helps keep in the heat.I can't believe it's getting close to being winter again.

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