Monday, January 23, 2017

New Year,Finally!

Whew that was a little rough last year but made it through.Boy these last three nights were sooo cold here.It didn't snow and I hope people who did get it are safe. I was not looking forward to the snow we had in 2014. Three inches,nope don't miss it. Told hubstead that this next winter,a wood burning stove is going to be here.I hate this electricity use.As far as I can tell we didn't have any pipes to burst.Thankyou Lord!!! The water in the shower won't go down yet.I'm dying to have a hot shower.

Can't wait for Spring to come already.Been reading the garden seed catalogs and see so much till my eyes hurt.Hubstead is building the smokehouse.Had people already ask how much he would charge to smoke stuff.He killed a buck over a week ago.I don't mind taking it to the processor but I do mind the money.I will have to rethink about the doing it myself.I don't care only the blood smell makes me gag.And we need a grinder to make the ground meat and I need one of those stainless steel mallets for cube steaks.Then it would be all good.

I have officially been smoke free for 6 months! I feel so much better and can do more. I sleep better and my taste has returned along with my sense of smell. I've gained a little weight but I can rid myself of that.

It has been unusually warm.My kale that I thought had gotten killed has come back and taste better than ever.It has been pouring rain this past week.The front yard is soaked and now we have a cool wind blowing. I have been writing on this blog since the first of the year.It's now the 23rd of January and it's just cooling off again.This weather has been crazy.I kinda wonder what February holds in store for us?

I've been making my pine needle baskets again.The pine needles fell early this year and I was able to get a bunch in a garbage bag to keep me busy for this winter. I made one already and working on a smaller one.I have no idea what I'm gonna do with them.

Come on Spring,can't get here soon enough.Well this was short and no pictures yet so everyone have a great Monday!