Friday, September 4, 2015

That time of the Year

Today I got my new glasses and I can see! I found someone to cut the grass and will be happy to be able to reach my gourds soon.I haven't checked on them in awhile and hopefully they are growing good.We haven't had no rain so far and the yard is finally drying out.The mosquitoes have been rough and keeping Orion from going out on the porch has been hard.It's so much cooler out there,sorry baby.I am loving this cooler weather and Fall feels like it's in the air here.All but the leaves changing. I used to like to see going up in Tennessee and seeing the trees there change colors.It's beautiful. I have had all the windows open and am airing the house out before it gets cold.I need to go buy some stuff to winterize the house again.I put up plastic on the windows to keep out the cold and put a heavy blanket on the double windows it seems to help alot.Next month we have to go get the heat on and get tires for the truck.All before the end of the year so many things have to be done.I may be off line for awhile shortly.Hubstead is getting a hunting rifle and we may have to give up the internet,you know how it goes.Getting meat in the freezer is more important than the net.He needs some hunting gear and stuff,we'll see how it goes.

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