Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's Finally Turned Cold

Well it's finally turned cold here in the south.All my plants outside are done for until spring.I wonder whether the Cannas are going to come back up.I got to start thinking about how many containers I want next year for a container garden.I know I will need a few or I should say a lot.I'm hoping it won't snow as bad this coming year like it did last year.It was awesome but bad at the same time.So far the prediction is just cold no snow or ice,let's hope it stays that way.

Hubstead is in the kitchen cooking spagetti,I'm taking a day off.Besides I made chili yesterday and it was really good.He has been off from work since last Wednsday and we take turns cooking when he is.Next Monday got to get the gas turned on.Gonna get real cold real soon!Fortunately we got electric heaters right now and we are staying warm.I would love to have either a fireplace or a woodburning stove right now.A lot of these old houses here in the south has a fireplace in them but we have this doublewide and I don't think we can put one in.

Well New Year  is around the corner and I really don't like to say how I want my year to go.I find it's better to just go with it.But I do a few goals.Get the container garden going,get the flooring done in the house(at least the living room and office).Get my water fixed in the bathrooms.I have one bathroom that don't have water going to the sink and the other bathroom,no water to the tub and shower.It's a start.We haven't been able to get stuff fixed since we have been here,but now since we paid off some of our debt,we can.We decided not to sell the house after we get it paid off.Why should we? All we'll have is the utilities and maybe I can get some solar power going after that.Sounds good to me.I think I would like to figure something else out about how to heat the house too.Gas is getting expensive here.Hence the woodburning stove.I also want to find a place to bead.I miss doing my beadwork.I found a small table to work on and I have everything else.Oh and I'm going to start sewing again.My sister-in-law gave me her sewing machine to sew on and now I can make my curtains and stuff.
Last years' snow! 16 inches

Well that's about it,everyone have a Happy New Year!!!!!!

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