Monday, December 21, 2015

Strength in Numbers

This morning I wanted to write something different.And the difference is I want to talk about how "we" the farmers and gardeners of this fine land keep coming up with new and improved ways of supplying our families with fresh produce and products.There are more and more people supplying their own now in America because we are learning of the poisons our foods contain that we buy from the grocery stores.The health issues we suffer from causes the health system to get overloaded and therefore the  government knows this.I try like crazy to NOT go to the doctors if I can help it.I have seen what natural living can do for you.The children are healthier and less prone to diseases.They learn more from getting away from the T.Vs and internet and get out and move their bodies.You get all the benefits of the natural foods and you feel better.

How to do this? redefine your priorities in your life.What matters more?your hectic every day life or a simply lifestyle? Numbers,the more your do the better off you are.There needs to be more people to realize we are a nation of doers.All we got to do is try.Find the time after all you find the time to work ,sleep,eat.Instead of going out to eat,grow your own and eat in.I've tried to eat out and now every time I do I get sick. Strength in numbers to make this world a better place not only for ourselves but our children too.It would make a great New Years resolution and I'm going to try to do just that.Just think of the satisfaction you'll get from doing this.Merry Christmas and have a great New Year!!
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