Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Thankyou for the Visits

I just looked on my blog and realized I have had a little over 10,000 visitors.I appreciate your visits!

Nothing much has been going on,we had a few setbacks around here but we will continue giving updates.I finally have gotten one of my tires for the truck and this weekend going to get another.It makes it so much easier coming up the big hill but I don't know what this winter holds.It so hard to get around here with all the hills and I mean steep hills too.But that's one of the prices to be paid living out in the country here.We've had some really cold mornings where there has been a thin sheet of ice on the windshield but hubstead warms up the truck before we leave.I'm hoping that's all we'll get this winter is cold.

Well Christmas isn't too far off.I decided to skip putting up a tree again this year.Most likely we'll go to my brothers for Christmas anyways.I will decorate a little to get in the mood I suppose.Not like I don't have enough pine trees around here!I could do some pine boughs I guess.Make the house smell good.I hope I can get my big counter top oven so I can do some baking too.I miss making pumpkin pies and breads for the holidays.I make a mean beer bread!

So that's about it and I'm looking forward to the new year because we got lots planned!

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