Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year New Me?

I am so glad December is over with.What a month.If things could go wrong ,they did. Now with the new year here things are looking up.We are getting cool weather here and there but no snow thank goodness! I can not wait for Spring to get here and get my hands dirty again! My parsley has held up great.I got the pot sitting in the kitchen window and it's growing like crazy.I have new little leaves on the Christmas Cactus.The Cherimoyas are frail looking but surviving.I guess I'll plant the biggest one somewhere out in the yard and hope it grows. Hubsteads computer took a dive and is no longer running. We'll have to go have it fixed.We think it may be the fan in the back but it just won't run at all.All we have now is the laptop to work on.My sister-in-law gave me nail polish for Christmas,gold and silver and I love it! Never had polish like this before.Makes my nails look so shiny lol.And she gave me a great smelling candle too.

I'm still gaining weight so this year I have to go back to the doctor to find out why.I watch what I eat and have cut so much out of my diet.I cut back on sugar and red meat,flour and such.I don't know unless its' my medicine doing it.I think my thyroid is out of whack.But everything else is doing good,so I got my health! I wanted to go all vegetarian this year,so that's one thing I'm working on.If any of you have any vegetarian recipes please feel free to post them.I'll give them a try. I have one small vegetarian cook book and I've tried so great stuff from it but am looking for more.

One thing I want to do is to stay off the internet more,yeah I don't know.It seems so many of us are addicted to this.I know some of my reading gets depressing and I'm so sick of hearing about the President and all the crap going on.People have lives to lead and it seems he wants to go change that.My opinion only.

Spring cleaning can't get here soon enough.I'm setting up my beading table in the livingroom and getting rid of my loveseat.Orion will just have to deal with it. I got so much that needs to be done and so much stuff needs to be hauled off.I still have empty packing boxes that needs to be put in the trash or burnt.Yeah we have a burn barrel.Common in the south here.The office still needs to be set up better.I like to be organized and neat.I did however got the pantry started I ordered two units of shelves and got them partially stocked up.The pantry is shaping up nicely.Hubstead now understands why I wanted a pantry and he's trying to help alot more with it.

Been getting in my seed catalogs and have been excited about that.I ordered more to see what all I can change this year.I said I wanted to go with containers this year and I still do but I think there may have to be some stuff planted out in the yard again.I have a few beans that are called yard long green beans and I don't think a container will hold them.I have a space in the front next to the porch I want to plant some flowers and coleus.I think they will come up year after year which would be nice.It's time to start at least landscaping the front and making it look like I want it.I have a ton of seeds to plant too.That also goes for the luffas.Hubstead is going to build my trellis this year YEA!!!He got interested in them the first time I grew them.I don't know about growing anymore gourds will have to wait on that.

Well that's what's been going on around here.Now just have to wait till the weather gets better and warms up.Hopefully we'll only have a couple more months and then it will be warm enough to get the plants started and be able to open the front door again.I hope your New Year will bring you what you want and things get better.

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