Monday, January 25, 2016

In the Process always Helps

Well another cold and wet winter has set in but the temperature isn't that bad today.We had some dusting of snow then rain.What the next coming weeks hold who knows.We are suppose to have snow come in on the 11th and 14th of February.The house so far has stayed warm with the electric heaters we bought and we stay mostly in the livingroom bundled up.I  have come down with a head cold because last friday I was out and ended up with a flat tire on my truck and it was raining and cold.Had to get a tow back home .So far we are getting a tire this week for the truck.So funny how things happen when you don't need them to happen.But I have a tendency to roll with the punches life gives me what else can you do? Tonight is relaxing night from the weekend and we're going to have some steaks and potatoes.Sounds good uh?

Deer season is almost over with and hubstead is going hunting this weekend.I hope he can get a deer we sure need the meat.I am looking forward to it myself.I don't hunt but he does.

Come Spring there will much to do around here.The lights in the diningroom and one of the bathrooms decided they don't want to work anymore.So we got to start checking the electric wiring nd find out why.The lights and outlets in our bedroom don't work either but we think it's the switch on the wall.So more cosmetic work to do before summer.This includes doing the floors too.We have picked out the color and the slats of wood we want to put down.Hardwood floors.I can't wait till we get the kitchen done.I hate this kitchen,all the cabinets are going to have to be replaced.And the flooring put down.I'm going with a rock looking flooring for this.

Well just an update for you all.Got to get over this cold.Have a great day!
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