Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Are We Going to Have a Rainy Spring?

So the groundhog said we are going to have an early Spring. So far it looks like rain. It rained here last night really hard and now we have flash flood alerts.The creeks here get really swollen and the roads flood over too.I am hoping not,won't be good for getting the garden started.I have noticed that the daffodils are blooming around here.I called my sister-in-law to see if hers were blooming and she said she didn't know since they got their yard straightened out.She figured the backhoe pushed alot of the bulbs out.Too bad too she had some really pretty ones.Dang thought I had a picture of them.Any who I told her I was thinking of planting some but I really would like the ones she had.This morning the rain has cleared out and left a sloppy mess in the driveway.We sit on top of clay and it's nasty.

Hubstead has been looking for chicken coop plans,does it mean I may get my chickens this year? I sure hope so.That's all I want for this year is my chickens.It drives me nuts when I don't have eggs!
We have been buying from a local guy who has them but I want my own.Really good eggs though.This will be my fist experience with chickens but I guess I'll learn as I go along.There are many help sites on the internet and I got the chicken book to help me.I bought it and they say it's the best one to get.So we'll see.I am excited.

For my birthday(which is Friday)I'm getting a yoga mat and DVD.I used to do yoga and loved it.I'm totally out of balance and whack! I can't do the regular exercising so this is a milder form I think.I really know it will help my back which hurts alot.

YEA I got two tires for the truck!It rides a whole lot better.Now to start working on two tires for the front but the ones on it now will last till then.So this year has started a little rough but is smoothing out nicely.Got plans for the year and trying to keep up with all of it has been fun so far.I have my planting guide for what plants to get started in what month and I got to go next month and get the timber for the trellis out back.I'm doing luffas again this year,I've ran out.Always something to do around a homestead!! Oh and...... I got to buy my totes for planting.Another thing to do.I know one thing it better not snow when I get all this going! Talking about getting annoyed.

I feel for all the people up north that is getting a lot of snow.I hope our early Spring comes without a bunch of rain for you guys.We all need a good season to grow stuff this year.I think last year was just so messed up for people.A lot of gardens here didn't do well and neither did mine.I got 9 tomatoes off my bushes before those hornworms torn into them.The first year we were here,I grew some great tomatoes and other plants but now I know when those hornworms show up.I want to do a natural insecticide but some how it don't faze them.I really don't want to use a harsh bug killer but I may have to,along with the japanese beetles too.If you have an ideas please post it.I have use natural bug repelent like cayenne pepper and some stuff I bought at Lowes.

Now hunting season is over with here,I seen two deer out in the backyard.Both were does and pretty good size.I have a opposum that has took up resident under the house and a big one too.The frogs are back.They were really loud last night.Another sign of Spring I think.The hawks have been hanging out in the trees,they are nice size and the rabbits are back too.Another reason for the totes,they ate my green beans last year.So we are full of animals around here.Heard coyotes pretty close by too the other night.Not a good combo with chickens.Oh the hazards of living in the country!

Well that's been my weeks.Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and stay warm!

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