Monday, November 16, 2015

What Ever Works

One thing I'm learning about homesteading is everything has a use. I find things like  old pots,cannisters,totes,glass items like canning jars and some plastic items can be used for anything. I used old kitchen drawers for my peas and they are doing great. I have a box of plastic butter tubs and glass jars for later use.When hubstead gets his shed up and going they will be great for nails and screws.Plus I keep this stuff out of the garbage. I reuse spice jars and put fresh dried herbs in them.I had a lot of parsley that I harvested over the summer.I now have fresh sage for my cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving!

I also collect fabric and material for blankets and quilts.I haven't made a quilt in years but I haven't had material either.I'm collecting some now.I like making curtains for the windows instead of buying them.Sale ,sale,sale-I never pay retail for anything if I can help it.I go to garage sales and yard sales too. I crochet,I made my own shawls when its cold.

I garden which helps when food prices are high and most of the time they're high anyways. I learned what grows here and what won't.How to handle wild animals getting in my garden.Yeah the green beans were a mess though!BUT I did manage to get enough for a meal before bunny got hold of them and they were good. Now it's deer season and I've learned how to cook venison. Now my sister-in-law has been giving me cuttings from her house plants cause she says I got a green thumb.I guess I do but it's been a good way to get plants.

I have been doing beadwork for a long time.I like natural type stuff to add with it.I have hubstead cut some antler buttons and I use them on different items.Some of you know about my pinestraw baskets and now I have small gourd baskets that I grew.Yep I've been busy trying different things but mostly it's things I like.

Some people would think homesteading and living in the country is boring but it's not.You got fresh air,nice scenery,nature all around you and fresh food,you got heaven right there I think.I've really started to enjoy this part and getting use to it by the day.I wouldn't really want it now any other way and I get to stay busy.It's addicting.Everytime I have to go where theres' alot of traffic I cringe.I don't like it anymore.Well that's my take on this wonderful Monday!
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