Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Well I got my container garden started.I ended up with carrots,bell pepper,cherry tomatoes,regular tomatoes,broccoli,leaf lettuce(blue buckets),chocolate mint,rosemary,thyme,green beans(not shown)and chives. It was alot of work and alot of potting soil. I already have harvested the leaf lettuce five times.The cherry tomatoes are coming in pretty good too.I go out every morning and say good morning to them and just talk to them for a little bit lol. The herbs are growing quite slowly but we have had a lot of rain. The only thing I didn't get in was the corn.It's probably a good thing I don't plant in the yard,we have had  a bunch of deer coming in and eating the grass.Hubstead has been setting out field corn for them. We got two does,two that looks like they are a year old(probably from last year) and a smaller doe. It's nice to see they haven't been shot.Still haven't seen a buck yet.

I did make some chocolate mint tea the other night and it was pretty good.I think it's more minty than the chocolate but it also depends on how strong you make it. Mine was a little weaker than I wanted but towards the bottom of the cup,it got stronger.I have some leaves in the refrigerator  and I'm going to make some more today. We are having a cold front move in for the next few days and I hope it doesn't bother my plants. I just planted my green beans yesterday.

Here is some more pictures.

Leaf Lettuce

Cherry tomatoes

Chocolate Mint

The mint has doubled in size so I got to watch it.

Well that's about it,this is all I've been doing for the last month or so.Just trying to stay busy. As these grow I'll post more pictures of their progress.Have a great Tuesday!!!

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