Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Planting Time

Yeah I probably jumped the gun on this one BUT I was so excited to get started! I went and got two cherry tomatoe plants and going to try to get them going this weekend.But it seems we are going to get a cold front in this weekend I may have to do them inside.The lettuce I planted in the blue buckets have come up and doing fine.I can bring them in if it gets too cold and I planted carrots in a container that can be brought in too.We are suppose to have two nights of cold(36 and 37). Then it's going to warm up and stay that way for awhile you never know what this crazy weather is going to do.My Kale is coming up but I can't bring those in they're in the small drawers I used last year for the peas.I'll just cover them in plastic and hope they will be alright. I bought 4 totes for the tomatoes and peppers(the peppers  haven't come up yet).I'm going this weekend and getting potting soil for them and I bet I will have to have alot.The totes are small but deep.Now my back deck will be full of plants this year.I'm planting corn in the yard somewheres and the luffas too.Still have to get the grape vines and the blueberry bushes.

Got a new charcoal grill with cast iron grates.Sure saves kitchen time I tell ya!Been trying to stock the pantry a little more,looks better.Next month things are going in full swing around here.I'm hoping April will even out and not have anymore cold fronts come in.Well baby steps for now.My rain barrels are full and they should be,we got a big storm come through.Now I don't have to worry about rain water for awhile.Well that's about it,that's what's been going on around here.Have a great Tuesday!

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