Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Enough with the Rain Already!

Oh my,my pond is back in the front yard again. At least there won't be any frogs croaking.My peas and kale are soaked in the totes and I can't get my deer hide to dry out yet.  Hubstead nailed a deer and we processed it ourselves. There was alot of meat on the doe and we sure could use it.Times are a little thin around here lately. I'm so happy we invested in the new roof. All this rain we have been having would of caused us to have to move. The pond next door was down by a good 10 to 1 feet.looks kinda full now. We have had the fire ban lifted finally. Cold weather will come this Thursday into Friday.

Remember when I talked about the road out front? Well I have been talking to the Mayor of this town and she was suppose to had talked to the county about getting the road out front fixed.We can not and will not be able to get out this winter if she doesn't do something. Nor for the fact if I have to call an ambulance it won't be able to make it down here. She has said she is going to get it fixed as soon as it rained.It's still raining,we got a possibility of ice coming in with a little snow mixed this Thursday and Friday. Guess what?,my truck is not moving. So we are still stuck for those two days.

I just finished my 5th month of not smoking. Never thought I would get this far but staying away from people in general has helped. I feel like I got my mind back instead of walking around in a fog. Yes I went totally cold turkey. It's been hard and I wouldn't of done it without some help from my bipolar meds. They helped a whole bunch keeping me level. I joined a stop smoking group on facebook and we have alot of fun. If you want to stop come on over and we give lots of support.

I don't know why I haven't done this before but I am hooked now. I do not throw my potatoe peelings out anymore. I fry them and I love it. I'm eating some right now. Instead of buying these or potatoe chips,I keep my peelings from the night before and fix them with my lunch. I have a thing that a sandwich doesn't taste right without the chips. I have put on about 6 to 7 pounds since I don't smoke now but my doctor told me that was usual so I'm ok with that.I can sure taste food now.

I'm working on some pine straw baskets. I did some last year,you can find the posts I think around October or November of last year. I'm trying some new designs and see if I can do them.Here a picture of a couple of them.

I had fun making these. I can't take a picture of the one I just finished but will try when I get some batteries for my camera. I try to make something every year for people for Christmas. I didn't get my luffas in this year,but it makes a nice gift basket if everything is made by hand.

Well that's what's been going on around here. Just trying to keep my mind right and thinking lots about the people up in Gatlinburg and hoping they can have peace of mind for the holidays.I know some lost family members and that is so stressful this close to Christmas but  prayers for everyone.

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