Monday, April 6, 2015

Planting has Begun!

Yeah I couldn't wait any longer,this morning I planted(in Pots)all these goodies.Chocolate mint,basil,thyme,marjoram,sage,parsley,rosemary and some coleus and dwarf marigolds.I put the carrots in 5 gallon buckets because we got rabbits now.Where they come from all of a sudden I don't know.
I had to,I couldn't wait any longer!

My tomatoe seedlings are looking weak I may have to redo these but I now have some corsican gourds coming up.Next month I'm planting beans next to the deck and potatoes(they are going in either 55 or 50 gallon trash cans).And that's about what all I'm going to do this year.I may slide some other stuff in but right now this is it.I wanted to try growing in pots this year to see how well some stuff is going to do.It's not I don't have the yard space I do but I don't have a tiller yet. I will have to buy more pots because I got a feeling I planted a little too much for some of these pots to hold .

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