Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday Cool Down

We had rain yesterday evening and last night and with it came some cool air in.Tonight is suppose to be cool too.I am waiting til Monday to start the potting but we did go and get some two very large bags of potting soil.I hope it's enough.And we got the fittings for the water heater.So hot water sooner(keeping fingers crossed).

I'm gonna go on a ramble here about why products you buy just don't work or are package bad.Is it me or what?Hubstead was talking about certain microwaves that was bought and even brand new they work a few times and then something goes out on them(like the clock)and I noticed the toaster oven we bought stays on high when it cooks and you can't regulate the temperature.This is the second one  that has done that.Burns everything on the bottom.I can't cook cakes or biscuits or cookies in it. No I don't have a stove yet ,still looking for one.It just seems everything you buy doesn't last as long anymore.Consumerism is so bad I know.Makes me skiddish on getting a stove.But I'm gonna get one sooner or later. It's just a hassle to have to take something back to the store.I'm about ready to install a wood burning stove and say to hell with it.At least if I burn something I know it's my fault.Got a floor fan and it did the same thing,lasted a summer then went out,see? Annoying!

Orion is loving this great weather.He wants to stay out in the yard more.We're putting up a privacy fence next summer so he can have room to run in the back yard.He'll love it!

Well I just wanted to jot down some thoughts and Easter is upon us.Did you notice all the Easter stuff in the store? I don't want to even start on that rant,it's like Thanksgiving and Christmas to me.An off beat path for something else.All about money.Thank goodness birthdays are celebrated in a traditional way.Anyway.HAPPY EASTER! Jesus died for our sins and rose from the grave! That's what we should celebrate.Enough said.

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