Monday, October 6, 2014

Ok I did real good with the luffas this year and the tomatoes grew so big.The peppers did some what ok and the herbs were beautiful.

They are huge!

Misty Pines is on her way.Next spring and summer,I'm offering gourds for sale.It's been a trying year for us here.But some of the hard work is yet to come.We have raised beds to put in come spring and new plants to get going.I hope it will be a good year to come!

I appreciate the patience you have shown,It's been tough getting settled in a new place.We have been doing some remodeling and it's coming along great.So with the gardening and remodeling we have been very busy.The snow peas I planted are growing in leaps and bounds(as long as we can keep the deer out of them).

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