Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The End of a Very Nice Year

It has been amazing to see the changes going on here. I really didn't know if I could do this or not.Now a bigger and better plan is on the horizon for next year.I have gotten about a half a pound of snow peas from the vines,one loofah done and more waiting to ripen.The tomatoes were so abundant and I got alot of seeds for next year planting. I found out what will grow and won't grow. What to pot and not pot. What will grow good in pots. My herbs ,sage,parsley,spearmint,and basil have all done very well in clay pots.I put some lettuce in a pot and I have eaten alot of it over the summer. The peppers did good in pots but I think I will put them in raised beds instead.

I'm currently working on an indoor garden. I have been looking at grow lights and trying to find a good spot to put them. Our livingroom has now gotten full.We finally picked up a couch and it looks so much better here. We're getting a heater this week and the gas turned on.Yep we got to.It's just too cold here during the winter to not be able to survive without some kind of heat. Later all this will change when we get another heat source installed.

Here are some of the growth pictures :
July 3rd,2014
July 2014

Loofahs at 2 months 2014
Romas July 3rd 2014
Potted peppers and herbs

So see,it's was just finding the right combination of sun and dirt and plants.I'm not a farmer but this has gotten me in the mode now!I know now what kind of bugs I'll get,what time the bees come around,when to start my seeds indoor.It has been a learning experience and I wrote everything down on what I did right and what I did wrong.Next year will surely be a challenge but I'm up for it.

Just a little reminder on this,it's really good!

Sauteed Brussel Sprouts

10 to 15 sprouts cut length wise
onion or scallons chopped( ok I don't know how to spell)
2 cloves of garlic crushed(I crush mine with a fork)
Olive oil (just enough to cover bottom of skillet)
water(just enough to cover bottom of skillet)
half a cube of chicken boullion

On Medium high heat-
Cut brussel sprouts,onions,garlic cloves,pour olive oil in skillet and lay brussel sprouts flat.Add onions and garlic.Cook until sprouts are carmelized then turn them over and do the same on the other side.Add water and half the chicken boullion,let the water steam the sprouts until water has evaporated.And you're done. This stuff is good!

And some pretty flowers!
Both of these belong to my sister-in-law so pretty!
This is a hummingbird vine.My sister-in-law gave me a crapload of seeds from this vine and going to do some planting next spring.

Well hope you enjoyed the pictures that's about all I have right now. Going to do some planning and get ready for winter to set in around here.Haven't had the first frost yet but it's coming.

Happy Halloween!

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