Monday, October 27, 2014

So Much to Do

And it's 4:15 in the morning and very quiet.You know when you got all these things on your mind?and just can't sleep.Yep that's it. I got the loofahs drying out and more peas picked.That's done.I got my sister-in-laws pine straw basket going and it needs to be finished before Christmas.I gave her a small one yesterday and she  took it to her bedroom.She loves it when I make her stuff.My brother and her have done so much for us since we have been here and I haven't asked them too.That's family.I share stuff from the garden with them and they done the same for us from theirs.

Hubstead will soon be up and off to work. He put on a pork roast last night.He likes BBQ pork and he can fix him something to eat when he gets home. Orion  pulled his back leg muscle,we think he done it jumping either on the bed or off.I guess I'll have to get him some doggie vitamins to help him along.He has a problem with his hips sometimes. I don't think he has hip dysplasia,I hope not anyways.I think he may have been hurt when he was born. We put him on a heating pad and he felt a lot better after a nights sleep.

Went fishing over the weekend,caught one fish.Yeah I'm a great fisherman! If someone said fish or starve,well,I would go pretty hungry! I think we need to find a decent place to fish.

The house has come together well.I still have no room in the kitchen to put anything. I'm looking at shelves for the time being,at least get stuff off the counters.I try to buy things that are on sale and put them in the room I made a pantry out of,but now that room is getting used for storage. I knew it was going to take time to get organized.I just wished it was sooner. Patience is a virtue around here.
The livingroom looks like a livingroom for time being.This room looked big until we started putting stuff in and then it got a whole lot smaller.Now we have to work on getting hubsteads office going.

I've been slowly winterizing the house.Checking the windows for air coming in.Soon we'll have heat and I don't want any escaping.Unfortunately with a fixer upper like this place it's hard to get things in order like this.The only concern right now is around the backdoor.We have to replace a piece of wood at the bottom.We have two bathrooms,one has a tub the other a shower stall.The bathroom with the shower stall,the sinks don't work and the one with the tub,the faucets don't work on the tub.We had a leak and cut it off. So some work there has to done.The toilet in our bathroom,you can't put toilet paper in(we have city water)or will get stopped up.It has drove me nuts trying to keep it unclogged.The pipes under the house needs to be replaced,but you know all in good time!

Well Halloween is coming and I've seen some nice carvings that people did with pumpkins.I may put some pumpkins in the garden next year.I could easily get rid of them around here. Then comes Thanksgiving,one of my favorite holidays! Christmas is fine but I don't get too excited.I may this year cause I told hubstead I wanted to put up a tree.We'll see.

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