Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Feel you Can't?

If someone had asked me a few years ago did I think what I'm doing now was possible?,I would of said "NO".One of the things people don't understand about living this way is this,yes you can even if you don't make alot of money or have the room or land. We are on an acre of hard clay and large trees.I get a good amount of sunlight during the day in the backyard.Of course I had to make a note of how many hours and how the sun came across the house. I get some sun in the front but by two in the afternoon the front yard starts shading up.This is my first year and I'm learning as I go along.For three years I looked up everything I could on plants and gardening and how tos.

Seeds are fairly cheap.Pots,you can find either free(make your own out of buckets or coffee cans)recycle your stuff,or buy them,soil is either from the ground or in bags(usually 1.78 per bag)depends on who you buy it from.Compost can be from under your trees or bags or make your own compost bins.Find some stray pallets and screw them together.Or a garbage can.

Don't expect to get it together all at once.Everything takes time to collect and grow.I started my seeds too early and lost most of them.I had to replant several of them.When they did start growing I was happy.Don't fertilizer them plantlets or you'll burn them(yep I did).Again had to plant some more seeds. Now I know better.

Plant only what you'll eat. I like tomatoes,so I planted some of those and some peppers.I wanted to try my hand at growing luffas and they did great! I also done English peas but they didn't do well but it was because I didn't do the soil content right.Now I have Kale and Snow peas going and they are doing real good.

I know this isn't pretty but it serves the purpose.

I didn't really know what I was doing but how do you know until you get out and try it? We have the humidity and enough rain here to pretty much keep the plants going.You can order free seed books online from different companies. I order mostly organic catalogs.Herbs was the main thing I wanted to do and they done really well in clay pots.
Basil and Sage

Spearmint freshly picked

We were able to find a place to live by looking thru alot of listings.And I mean alot.Don't get discouraged. If you find something,call the numbers and find out all you can and see if the bank or owner will make a deal with you.Also if you have a mind to do a small farm like chickens  or rabbits or goats,check with the zoning board and see if you can have these things.Nothing like buying a place and then find out it's a big NO. Take your first year slow and plan out where you want to put things. I have a great place to put my chicken coop BUT there is a pond the next door neighbor owns and the coop would be too close to it.So I'll have to put it in the opposite side of the yard that's close to the woods.Not liking it but will have to reinforce the coop good.

Save you up (I know this part is hard)some money ,little at a time.If you can do crafts or have a garage sale,save that money. It's been hard for us but we have saved some with what little bit I put in the garden this year.My sweet aunt gave me some advise one time,NEVER buy retail always buy what's on sale.I do.From clothes to can goods to whatever I can find.I got two rolls of black ground cloth for the raise beds next year for 3.00 apiece.When something like garden stuff goes on sale,better start stocking.Get online and ask for stuff in your local area,there may be someone who wants to get rid of blocks,bricks,wood.All you got to do is go get it.Always look for free dirt or wood chips.Save your grass clippings and put them in your compost bin.I got free broken pallets and made mine.

AND this is how you can get started.You don't have to be rich to own it.Ask all they can say is no.
If you have a questions for me ,I'll answer.

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