Thursday, October 30, 2014

Here comes the COLD!!!

Yep that time of year I guess,time for the cold fronts to start coming in.I've been trying to insulate this place and check for drafts. So far I've gotten some plastic on the windows(yes I use plastic sheeting)it helps.This morning I put the blanket over the livingroom window.This weekend it's suppose to go down to 30 degrees.I got to get this place warmed up.Wre going to go look for a heater this weekend and get the gas turned on.I don't think my bones can take another hard winter like last year.Laying down OSB boards this summer sure has helped.The floor isn't as cold and I don't feel no drafts.It's 37 this morning and I have an electric heater on and so far so good.It's cool but very tolerable.

We're having Chicken A La King tonight.I have the chicken in the slow cooker.Sounds good,we'll see.Been awhile since I fixed it.

The plants are inside,I still have bell peppers trying to grow,amazing! I picked one pea off the vine yesterday. My loofahs are drying out slowly.I think this freeze may do the job.The only problem we have is when it freezes here so does the water lines.Usually we turn off the water and drain the pipes.Better than a busted pipe.I fill up jugs of water for general purposes and when it warms up I turn the water back on. It's a pain but ....

Yeah no more of this!

Maybe more of this!

Yeah he's snoring and sound asleep and nice and warm.Spoilt little brat.His leg got better so now he's playing more.He loves this cool weather and he loves snow.That's his couch by the way and no one is allowed to sit on it.

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