Thursday, October 23, 2014

Experimenting Again

Today I walked out to see how the loofahs were doing. I pulled three of the large ones and put them in netted potatoe sacks to ripen off.The reason for this is we have had so much rain here and now there is nothing but dew on the ground,I was afraid they would rot on the vines.We haven't had our first frost yet and I'm trying to salvage what is there and I still have at least a dozen. I hung them in the kitchen closet and I check on them every couple of days.So far they are doing very well drying out.

I'm still getting peas off the vines and saving them a little at a time.They taste very good,very crispy.

The Kale is getting big and the leaves are getting curly.Can't wait to fix some of them.They still have a month of growing then they'll be ready.

We finally got a couch for the living room.It has a recliner on both ends and even though it's not that pretty,it's very functional.Orion wants to get on it but we gave him the loveseat.He doesn't understand why he can't get up the couch but I tell him,this is not your couch and I point to the love seat and say that's your couch.he seems to understand and will get up on the loveseat.I put his blanket on it that he had when he was a puppy and he gets on it.

I started back making pine straw baskets.

So now I've added making baskets,this one is mine,and beading and some woodwork.
Basket tree made of white popular
I have found many uses for vines and trees and grasses here.This is what I have so far.I can pretty much make just about anything out of the stuff.

I broke my rod yesterday.Yep I can't fish but I try.So hubstead and I went down and got me another.While we were there he got a rod and reel and some tackle stuff.Here you have to have a fishing license and a permit to fish in the local lake.In Florida where we lived we didn't have to have one.We did alot of shrimping and crabbing.Oh well.

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