Saturday, October 18, 2014

Gone Fishing

Well that's what I tried to do this morning.I did catch one little striped bass but I let him go.I haven't been lake fishing in a long time.I had a great time and it's so nice where I go.Next time I go I'll take some pictures for you.

It has cooled down a lot here.I'm sitting here with my blanket on me.Orion is curled up in a ball next to me.Snoring! The leaves are turning slowly and falling.Most are brown and just fall off the trees.It's been an amazing time here. Feeling more and more like home.I picked more peas off the vine today and unfortunately my trellis with the loofahs fell down when we had the storm come thru,I saved the loofahs though.I just laid them on top and going to wait til they turn.Some are already turning so it won't be long.I already took the first one that turned but it was mine.I cut it in half and one is for the shower and the other is for washing dishes.

Funny,twenty years ago,you give me a plant or I try to grow something,usually I killed it. Now I can't stop growing stuff!I still can't grow African Violets,NOPE,NEVER! 

The Kale is growing in leaps and bounds since we had all that rain.Soon they will be ready.mmm Kale chips!

Took down the Hummingbird feeders and got them soaking so I can clean them and put them up for next year.Hummingbirds can sure make a mess of their feeders.We put the rain barrels under the flowing water off the roof just to see how we are going to place them next year.Yep they work really well.Got one completely full and the other we off set and didn't catch any water.I still need to clean them.

This weekend I wanted to go fishing and get out of the house for awhile. I stay in alot and just try to get things done around here. Plus I'm in charge of making sure the bills are paid and everything runs smooth.I'm getting my Bipolar took care of.I love my doctors here.I couldn't say that out in Texas.I didn't get the same care out there.My therapist here is the best lady and she understands what I'm going thru cause she is bipolar too.Next month I start back on my meds.I'll be glad,maybe my energy level will go back up where I can function.Bipolar is hard .I ride a roller coaster half the time and it can really be tiresome.I can't wait to get back to my beading,I miss it,but right now I can't concentrate like I need to.I 'm making these little pine straw baskets and I like doing them,something different.

The house is slow coming together.I still can't believe I'm still cleaning on it.Hubstead got the OSB board laid down in the room he's going to make an office out of.Lots of work there too.He's got his computer setup in there and I get the laptop.We have one more,my old one I was thinking of setting it up near the kitchen and just put recipes on.

I put up some of the basil I grew.I found a lady who said how she did hers.She got a jar with a lid and put kosher salt on the bottom and a layer of basil and then a layer of oil(I used olive oil).and repeat until the jar was full.It smells soooo good.I went and bought a jar and the oil and kosher salt for it.

Isn't that pretty?And the smell wow!You just take what you need and put it back in the refrigerator.It's suppose to last up to two years like this,we'll see. I like trying different methods that people post and I found out they work most of the time.

Well Halloween is coming up and we don't do anything for that holiday if that is what you call it.I hope we don't have a long winter this year.I got the growing itch already.Ordered more catalogs too.I didn't put a pumpkin out or anything.Not this year any way,maybe next year I'll grow some,if we got room.
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