Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rain ,Rain, go Away

Well Misty Pines is living up to it's name today and yesterday and probably tomorrow and then the next day. We are getting slammed with rain here in northwest Alabama.The loofahs are loving it and I suspect they will got nuts with all this water.I am alittle concerned for my small peas vines.

I did my first loofah yesterday and ended up with 360 seeds just from one. 10 minutes later I had sold everyone of them online.WOW!

The first one loofah was mine to keep because I have waited all summer for these guys to grow,well I have 4 other orders for these now.Mainly friends and family want them.mmm maybe a small business later,who knows?

They came out beautiful and full.I have several more hanging on the vine getting ready to finish up the cycle.The Kale is getting big,I didn't plant as much of it as I would of liked but since this year was a "let's see if I can do this"year I wasn't too concerned.

We are having a cold front come in at the start of this coming week.I told hubstead we really need to get a gas heater going so we won't freeze to death. We decided when we did it's going in the livingroom.I don't want to spend another winter here stuck in the bedroom.Yeah that's where we were this last winter.I felt like I was in prison.
The OSB board we laid down is going to help alot blocking of the cold.Come spring start doing some more work.
Well it's a start!

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