Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My version of Swiss Steak

Tonight I made something I haven't made in years. Swiss Steak and wouldn't ya know it I had a few things missing. But I still pulled it off and it was really good!The recipe called for mushrooms,well I used those for my veggie burgers.And bell pepper but I had none ready off the vines.So here's my version of what I did.

I pour NON GMO canola oil in a skillet,I had finger steaks and I put them in flour and browned them real good.Took them out and I had made my own brown gravy mix so I put some in the skillet and added water.Then I put a can of stewed tomatoes in and chopped up onions.Added a few sprigs of parsley from outside and a leaf of basil.I don't measure when I cook,I eyeball most of it.

This was all that was left.It made a rather thick sauce and it would be good with rice.I buy a specific non GMO canola oil from a local supermarket that works excellent for cooking anything you want.It doesn't leave a greasy taste to the food nor in the pallet.You don't use alot of it either,two bottles last me three months.

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