Friday, October 31, 2014

Who turned on the Cold Air???

Ok where did Fall go and who turned on the cold air,the crap isn't funny man!Had to get plastic to cover the plants but the wind kept blowing it off.I think I have it secured now.  I can't wait to taste the kale.I got loofahs drying and hopefully this cold won't hurt them.

I'm piled up on the couch with my blanket,Orion is hogging the heater.We love this dog so much we put a heating pad under a thick towel for him at night. Pretty spoilt uh?He loves it and he's comfortable.I try to keep him off the bed because I'm afraid he'll hurt himself again jumping off it.Yes we let him on the bed sometimes.But he is not a bed type dog,he'll only stay on it for 5 minutes and then he'll get off.

Yep Rotten to the core!See that yellow blanket?That's the one he came with.I throw it in the wash and he loves that. He was cute wrapped up in it when she took him out of the her truck and he was so scared when I brought him home.But it didn't take long after much exploring he settled down.But he loves his blankey.

Makes ya kinda wonder how I will treat our chickens when we get them?I'll be a wreck during the wintertime hoping they are warm in the coop. But those ideas are going in a list.I got my chicken book in and have been looking at different breeds.I don't know yet which breed(s) I'll go with.

Halloween has been quiet here,since we are back from everyone in the pines.I don't like getting out on nights like this because of children being out.We didn't buy candy nor did we go to any parties.I'm not a social butterfly anyway.I hate crowds and being around people I don't know.We were invited to a Halloween party but turned it down. Instead we stayed home and I did loofahs and separated seeds.
I'm getting quite a collection and want to try to sell some loofah seeds. I got some really nice seeds from the summers' crop. Got so much to think about for the coming spring.

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