Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Quiet Morning

I love how quiet the mornings are here.The trees have lost alot of their leaves and now the floor of the woods are covered for another winters' nap.Some trees here have turned and the fall colors are so pretty.It's cool and some what windy but not bad.I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and now in a few weeks it will be Christmas.

I am debating on whether or not to go get some pine boughs and decorate the house.We don't have a tree yet.I would really like to set one up this year. We have no ornaments or lights either.Maybe fix one up in the old fashion way? Usually what I do when the new ornaments come out,I always buy one,why?,I have no idea,I just do.I go through and pick one that looks natural.

I finally got back on my meds for my Bipolar.So far I'm a little goofy but I have slept alot better being on them.It's no fun not being able to sleep for days at a time.So now I'm ok with them.

I wrote this this morning and now I'm writing this evening.It has been a very nice day,the gray clouds cleared out and it was sunny.We done some cleaning around the yard,burnt some trash and wood.This was wood I couldn't put in the compost bin. Hubstead seen one of our deer in the yard.There has been alot of shooting going on and I'm hoping the deer feel safe coming here.We have them in the backyard all the time.Orion got over being stuffed,he ate like a pig for Thanksgiving.I think he ate more than we did.What a hound!

I stripped the turkey and got all the meat off the bone. We had extra to put in the freezer so we are good to go for abit.Well the next thing is getting some little things done around here. I have my beads whining at me.They're sitting in a tote next to the couch.Yes I hear them,I have always considered my beads being my kids. They love to be made into beautiful things.

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