Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Got This Year Cold Whipped(so far)

I guess we're ready.Got the gas going and got the house as insulted as possible.The cold hasn't got here but it has been really chilly.Today it was nice and I had the front and back doors open. It's suppose to go down to 34 tonight. This new heater will definitely sweat you out of the room.Hubstead likes it hot,me I like being somewhat cool,especially when I try to sleep. I'm happy about the couch we got,I have already fell asleep in it,It has a recliner on both ends.

If everyone remembers we spent most of last winter holed up in the bedroom and I was bound and determined not to be there this year.So now that much worked out!

So now an update.The peas are almost gone,I'm sure the cold will wipe them out.The kale is doing great.It has been worth planting. I brought the rest of the plants in and I'm hoping to have some grape vines going next year too.
Kale and eggs this morning.

I know now what it feels like wanting to constantly grow thing.I can't wait until springtime. I keep ordering seed books and am drooling!
But at least this winter I can sit and be comfortable to make stuff.I've been trying to get back into my beading.
Mom showed me that this wasn't going to happen this year!

She said I got my own couch and blankies and I'll stay nice and warm instead of having to cover up! I can't wait til it snows,I love playing in the snow and then coming in and getting warm.

If some of you are not getting my emails or being able to comment just see if you can send me an email and I'll try to fix this.I haven't worked out the bugs from this yet.Takes me alittle while to catch on how to set up pages.

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