Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Little of This and That

I remember when trees had color during fall but now they just turn brown.

Finally finished the pine  straw basket for my sister-in-law.

He really hates it when I take his picture but he did enjoy the grass.

Well the peas took a dive ,the cold snap we had killed them.They put out some before hand so I can't complain.They sure were good too.I'm still getting Kale out of the two rows that were planted. They are almost gone.I really enjoyed planting this year and can't wait til next year to get going again.

Guess what? Hubstead is planning on putting in a smokehouse next year! I was amazed he even had been thinking about it.I have always wanted to do that.I got a feeling the yard is going to fill up fast.We also got to put in the chicken coop too along with the raised beds. Sure going to cut down on cutting grass in the back.I love smoked meat and it'll be great to smell when you walk outside. Getting in the groove here!

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