Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Grape seeds and Loofahs seeds done.

Today I got the grape seeds I had in the refrigerator and put them in small pots to sprout.I'm crossing my fingers on this one. If I get half I'd be happy. I've never tried to grow grapes before so this is a trial run. We could of bought grape vines when they were in season but hey what's the fun in that.If I don't try how will I know? These I have are Concord grapes I won off an auction online.

So far when I got them out of the refrigerator,the seeds were nice and plump.I had them in there since September. Something call stratification.Then I have to keep the little ones warm until they sprout and when they get bigger,transfer them to a bigger pot. it says to keep them in pots the first year.

For the last two days I have been doing Loofah seeds and bagging them up.  I'm gonna have more than what I bargained for. So anybody want some I'm selling them. I'm using the money to help build my chicken coop next year. Here's the newest loofah.

I think I got it ! See the seeds,so many off of one.

And yes when the rest of the loofahs are done I'm selling those too. So remember Christmas is coming up next month!
I have come to the conclusion I am now addicted to growing stuff. 

We finally bought a heater.This week we get gas.I can then at least keep my plants warm.It's going to be freezing in the southeast this weekend and I'm not looking forward to it.I hope we don't get snow but it may happen.

I pulled some Kale from the garden and cooked it yesterday but I decided to put it up in the freezer for later. I need to go out and cut some more.
This stuff is great!

You ever get a chance try it! 

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