Monday, November 24, 2014

Looking forward to Thanksgiving

The fortunate thing when there are only two people to celebrate a holiday,there isn't a whole lot of expectations.Usually it's just hubstead and myself.This year will be another year like that.My brother and sister-in-law are going to her mothers' and we won't see them until Sunday.

BUT.... we do smoke a turkey and fix stuff for us.I have already gotten everything ready for the day and the good thing I can take my time.I learned how to make cornbread dressing and fell in love with it.I don't put a whole lot of stuff in it cause of my allergies but it still turns out pretty good.I get to use some fresh sage I grew this year in it.

Yeah smoked turkey from a Thanksgiving before.This was the best bird we ever done.This year we got a 21 pound  birdie.We get big birds then that way we know we'll have enough left over for other meals including my turkey salads.Like I said no rush and we can take our time smoking it.We always had a hard time in Texas because of the wind was always blowing,here,it's going to be easier since we can do this on our porch.

I hope all of you are up in the north and northeast can have a great Thanksgiving and not get too snowed in or rained on.I don't see how you guys do it.Living in the south is pretty good even though we still get the cold but not like what you get.I'm watching the weather channel now and nope I wouldn't like living up there.You're braver than I am!
I would like to see some snow but not like we had this past winter.

Well Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!!!

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