Saturday, November 8, 2014

Heat,Heat and more Heat!

Yah I'm excited,we got a heater this year.Yep sitting here looking at it.Oh it's not hooked up YET.I'm hoping come Monday,the gas man cometh.Right now I'm freezing.But I keep thinking how good it's going to feel when the warmth comes out of this thing. We have been trying to figure out a place too put it,it has 5 burners  and it's going to hot once they get fired up. The only place we have figured is in the diningroom and just move the small table and chairs over some.I got the house insulated as much as I can,the OSB board we put down has been a big help with the cold.Our bathroom however is still cold so today I got to go in there and figure out where the cold is coming in.

We've been bundled up with blankets and I am happy I got the comforter from my neighbor next door over the summer.It kept me warm last night.

I've been watching the weather channel with a close eye and hearing about all the cold coming.I tell you right now,all of you up north,I don't know how you do it.I couldn't be in weather that cold!And all that snow,nope,I'll stay here.It's been damp and wet here in the south but that can be dangerous too I know.Please stay warm and I hope it won't be too bad for you.

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