Saturday, June 28, 2014

Going to try it Again and Chickens

Ever been forgetful,boy I was today.I had bought brand new seeds,basil,snow peas and chives.I knew I had put them in something but couldn't find them.I have a closet in my kitchen where I store alot of the garden stuff.After about an hour looking and sitting ,trying to get my mind right,I looked on top of the refrigerator,yep there were my seeds in a coffee can right where I left them. Now the question is where am I going to put them so I will remember where they are next? Probably lose them again!

I have been picking blackberries along our property line and down the hill.So far I don't have enough for my cobbler.Some are sweet some are not but they seem to be coming in really nice since we've gotten all this rain.I go out every day and pick a small handful.

Hubstead has been looking at the chicken coop plans.No he's not really happy momma wants chickens but he's willing to do it for me.I got my chicken catalog in and have already decided which birds I want.Now  I told myself that it would be a good idea to start gathering up the supplies I'm going to need to welcome the birds.I think though I'm going with pullets. The dog is just too curious for baby chicks.He's not going to like the chickens anyway because they flap alot. I'm really excited about this.I have always wanted chickens and read everything I could get my hands on.

Next month and August I'm putting in the raised beds out back.I am  planting Kale which I love and maybe try some lettuce.My tomatoes are doing ok but not getting real big,yet.We evidently have a shortage of bees.I have figured out that the bees are not pollinating my pepper plants because I have them in pots on the back deck.Tomorrow I'm putting them in the yard next to the tomatoes to see if that helps,I think it will.I have to get the mulch going too.I know I don't have enough down nor any organic compost neither.I write all my mistakes down so next year I won't do it again.

Everything else is growing in leaps and bounds.The luffa plants have huge leaves on them and in the last two days have reached the top of the lattice.They have the female and males already. Hoping to see some blooms soon.

This is on my brothers shed and I love it!

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