Friday, June 20, 2014

Everything is Growing

Yeah I surprised myself. Took walk outside this morning to see what was up and the Romas are getting big. The beefsteaks are loaded and I got peas! Yes I am excited because this is my first year garden , o.k. I admit I have grown tomatoes and peppers in pots before but they didn't do anything. Not like this. Since we live next to the woods ,I went and scraped some composted dirt from under the trees and added it to the garden. Made a big difference and it was free. The luffas are climbing the posts and they are nice and green. I have been keeping the bugs off as much as I can. If I have enough Luffas growing when they are done I'm selling some of them.

The blackberry bushes that grow wild here are putting out a lot of berries. I don't know if I'll get to pick them or not. We have deer,alot of deer here.The is a beautiful doe who runs around with a smaller doe in the woods beside us. So I figure they will get to them first.So far they haven't found the garden but I think it will be just a matter of time before they do.

We have a ponding problem and I would love to have some suggestions on what to do with it.A load of dirt is expensive here but at the bottom of this hill the water gathers up so much I got frogs!

Down on the left is where it ponds.

The backyard looking from the kitchen window.Yeah the grass was high but its been cut since this picture.All of this will be turned into garden space next year.

This is part of the front yard.Behind all those bushes and trees,my neighbors pond.

A rainy day,the other problem we have.Water run down towards the house from the top of the driveway.But boy did I love this day!We don't have much of a front yard but it's going to be doable to work with.

A total do over here but its home.For the price it was a steal,a stones throw from the local big lake.Surrounded with hardwood and soft wood trees.Lots of wildlife including the eagle that comes by here.Alot of hawks and buzzards.We have rabbits too.The soil has been alittle hard to work with but we added some topsoil and compost in the garden.There's sand and clay so the combo worked out nice.

Well there is something to always be done so I'm off doing it. Have a great day folks!

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