Thursday, June 19, 2014

Just Being Honest Here

Some of you know that this wasn't my first choice of a place to live. I fought alot of emotions when we first got here. The condition of the house wasn't what we expected nor the job situation.We still haven't gotten as far as we would like to but we didn't exactly have a easy time out in Texas the first year and a half either. So with that in mind,we have managed to do alot of cleaning and will still be cleaning on this place until we can do the floors and walls.I have half the house in pretty livable condition.I hope you will come along for the ride and the remodeling as we do piece by piece.The first thing that happened was this winter our pipes busted and we had to fix them a few times.We had very little heat and mainly lived out of the bedroom.And of all things else it snowed big time!

Now the locals said that this was the coldest on record in a 100 years.Go figure right?We live in a cubby hole that is surrounded by some very tall and large pine and oak and popular trees.I have made some use from the popular trees making stuff for the house.Which has kept me somewhat sane.Orion is loving it so much,we can't let him loose in the yard too much because he has a habit of wandering but he is minding me better.The ticks and fleas have been bad and all you have to do is walk around in the yard to get one.

He loved it and wanted to stay out in it.

We got 3 inches of snow that day.Yep we're surrounded with woods except that slope there in the back? That's a road that we have to come up to get to the house.From there we turn and go about a half a mile to actually getting to the house.It was great to see snow although hubstead didn't enjoy it as much as Orion and I did.

Well that's alittle of the coming here and happenings up to now.The idea I had of this place was off
 but after getting settled in and just taking a measurement of what we can do has been replaced with that doubt. The structure of the house is sound enough to work with.We are having issues with the roof but nothing major yet.We'll have to put the kabosh on that soon.But the walls and floor are good.We have talked about what all to put in and what to take out. I've hung some stuff up on the walls to make it feel a little more like home. But it's still missing something.We spend alot of time on the front porch watching the hummingbird come and go,Orion has found his spot there,and the only thing next will be the plants I want to get.

We did have to spend 3 months without electric because of money issues but we got it straightened out finally.Best three months I ever had! When you go without electric you come up with some good alternatives.We used oil lamps and coleman lantern.I cook on a coleman stove which I did that out there in Texas.I made coffee in our  stainless steel coffee pot.I heated water up for washing dishes. I did go buy a solar shower bag,10.00 and I still heat water in it on sunny days. As soon as we can off the electric we'll go and have solar for power. The only utility we have to be hooked up to is water.That's a must for me with being disabled. But we are going to put in rain barrels as soon as I can find some locally. We're 6  miles from anything and probably more any other way. I wanted country I got country. I do have my quiet and at night the only thing we hear are the frogs.

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