Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ticks,Rain and Musings

Found a huge   tick on the dog this morning.I knew he wasn't doing good and I thought it was the heat.  But I got it off and now he's better, I gave him a bath this past Sunday and didn't see it. The tick was huge and yucky. We have had a problem with them around here and need to lime the yard.

Finally got the backyard cut. It's been raining here so much so often that the grass doesn't have time to dry out. This grass grows really fast and thick now since we have been cutting it. Took care of the blossom rot on the tomatoes yesterday by adding some egg shells in the soil. We'll see how that works out. It's just on one plant but decided to add it for the others. Looking into using concrete blocks instead of lumber for the raised beds next year. I've been reading where treated wood can leak chemicals into the soil after a few years. Don't want that to happen.So I'll started collecting blocks now and start setting up for next years' garden.

My marigolds have not bloomed yet. I have a pot with some plants but waiting for them to bloom so I can set them out.My lone sage is growing slowly.One of the luffas has reached the lattice and is still climbing. I am excited to see what those luffas are going to do.I've never grown them before but followed the instructions from a site. I already have next years' garden planned out now since I see what will grow and what won't. Oh had to pull my green bean plants up(I only had 4) but the plants started to get bad and the leaves were getting yellowed.I'm going to have to find a better spot for them and my peas.They  aren't doing too good but they are putting out.I had one yesterday and ate it raw and the peas in the pod were vey good. Guess I'll put them in raised beds and see if they do better.

On another note-My son got married to a wonderful girl. She takes very good care of him and I'm happy for him that he found someone to settle down with.She has a little girl from a previous marriage and Lori is so cute. I'm happy for both of them!

Another note-My mom passed away in May. She had dementia and had to be put in a nursing home. I will miss talking to her so much. But I know she isn't in any more pain.Last time we spoke she didn't know who I was. So may she rest in peace now.

Well that's about it for today. I got to get up and do some housework BLAH! Did the backyard yesterday and will have to do the front today if it don't rain. Still picking up debris from the storm we had.

Some pictures-
I made cinnamon rolls the other night!

Orion finally has a big space to lay down.

Queen Annes Lace, I wanted to pick them before they got mowed.

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