Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Snakes on the Hill and Garden Pictures

Well we killed two snakes.One was a copperhead which are regular residents around here.The other was a black snake(I know they are good snakes)but when one has a phobia they are all bad.The copperhead you couldn't see until you was right up on it.That was scary.And we had just got the grass cut the day before. The city(if that's what you want to call them)finally got the road in front of the house fixed.I figure what happened is that they stirred the snakes up and the snakes came this way and to the pond next door. This is the first time they have shown up in the yard since we have been here.

I have the totes loaded for the summer.I'm planting to loophas again this year and I'm trying my hand at potatoes. This is a 50 gallon garbage can and a 5 gallon bucket.Don't know if they are going to turn out but we'll see!

I have the trellis thanks to hubstead,he designed a trellis for the loophas.I planted my usual leaf lettuce but I put them in a tote this time.I ate off that lettuce I put in the 5 gallon bucket all summer so I figure the more the better.I have tomatoes plants and I started too many so now I have to find a spot for them.I'm trying carrots again and broccoli plants and I hope I can keep these alive.Last time I got broccoli plants those worms got a hold o them and they looked like swiss cheese.I'm growing yard long green beans this year.I'm gonna have to put these out in the yard and hope the deer we have won't bother them.OR thinking here-I could put them in a tote and make a trellis going up the side of the deck.Container gardening hasn't been too bad.I still would rather grow alot of stuff out in the yard.

And no -no chickens this year yet.I'm still buying eggs from a local guy,he's got some really nice eggs.

Well I'm going into my 10th month of not smoking.It 's getting better every month and I'm getting more energy.I already said that now I get so sick if I am around the smoke and if I smell someone who has smoked.When I go shopping and I smell it I have to walk away real quick.I still can't believe I use to smell like that.I just want to tell people if you smoke try to stop because things are so much better.Food taste sooo good and cooking has become fun.And you can smell too.I smell things now that I have never noticed.The flowers here and the clothes when they get dried with a fabric softener.My eyesight has gotten better too.I was in awe about how colorful the trees were when they came out for Spring. I said I've never noticed how many greens there are. It's been great. I have some of my meds I take to thank for it too.

Ok that's it with whats going on around here.I'll try to post more often.I'll get the picture of the trellis when we put it up.Have a great Tuesday!!

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