Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Garden is started!

Yeah I got some stuff going. I planted leaf lettuce,broccoli,carrots,rosemary,parsley,tomatoes,swiss chard and mint.And as a trying out this year,potatoes in a garbage can.They are doing great so far!We are getting more rain than I would like.We haven't really had some sunny days because of the cold.The cold snap we had was for three nights and it was cold.

Walked out on the back deck and saw that the leaf lettuce,had little tiny leaves coming up,had been chewed off.I was so mad,I kind of figure it was that squirrel I got running around here. I had caught him on the back here while back and he ran off,stopped and looked at me like what? He's gone you can bet that!

It's warm here today at 70 degrees and we got severe storms coming in soon.That is the last thing we need here is more rain and more it being wet.

I have started making my soap! I kind of went for something that I should have waited on but I'm ok with this.I made some goats milk soap.6 bars and 4 round ones. I have to wait now for them to cure 4-6 weeks,longer is better.I'll keep ya updated on how it goes.

Here's some of it.

It has coconut oil,olive oil and crisco(yes crisco,but I was told to use lard)It was all I had.And of course goats milk. I used canned goats milk and it was gold when I poured it and I thought ,well I don't want gold bars but they have turned lighter since they were made. Oh my God! I just washed a little piece in my hands and I got LATHER which means I did it right YEAH ME LOL!!

Wow it rained so hard here last night and it also hailed.We are soaked again for awhile.I am so hoping that this doesn't hamper the seeds I planted.I was something else. Ok hope everyone has a great day,I gonna sit here and start working on my baskets.

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