Monday, December 1, 2014

Awww Kale is almost gone

I went out this morning and got just alittle bit of kale .I have so far munched my way thru the two rows I planted.The rows weren't long but now I know how many to plant next year.And by looking at the size of the leaves I do believe I got the dwarf kind.

Oh I can't wait to get into this batch!

Yep he was so sleepy last night.He's so goofy.

ok back to the kale part.I have alot of seeds to plant next year so most likely I'll have a bigger area to work in.I have so enjoyed doing this garden thing.I'm wondering whether or not to get the bigger kale and try it.The dwarf is pretty good and makes excellent kale chips.It was really easy to grow.They sprung right up and all I did was sow them in the ground.

Today is my busy day.Places to go, bills to pay,pick this up and pick that up,yuck I hate Mondays.But Orion likes to ride and he goes with me.It gets him out of the house for awhile.I know he goes stir crazy just like a human.He loves to ride in his truck and yeah its his truck when he's in it.I'm just the driver.

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