Thursday, December 11, 2014

Newest Edition to the Family

No it's not an animal,haha,it's an Avacado pit that I thought wouldn't do much but here it is!

Isn't it pretty,I think so.

My Crown of Thorns is putting out new leaves too.I have it setting next to the couch on a table.
The plant had almost no leaves when I brought it in,but I just water it and it loves the light coming off the lamp.

It's been kind of easy going around here today.I'm working on another basket that has turned into a little complicated. I'll post when I get through with it. I cut most of my hair off again.I'm getting to where I don't like it long anymore,too hard to take care of.Besides when the chickens come i don't want them to have something to grab hold of.

I went today and got my deer hides.My guy put a little extra in for me.Orion will have some leg bones in a few days to chew on.Hubstead will have to build my frames this weekend so we'll be pretty busy!.Yesterday we had deer chili,wow,it was really good.Today we had deer tenderloins and gravy.So tender you could cut them with a fork.They were good too.

Well evidently my meds are working.I'm more focused on what I'm doing and getting things done around here don't seem so bad.I have always needed to stay busy and doing stuff .

It's 4:14 a.m. and 27 degrees outside. Looks like we might have a some ice on stuff this morning.Well that's about it,I'm working on the basket today and doing small stuff around here today.Have a great Thursday everyone!

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