Monday, December 15, 2014


Yeah they are saying we are going to get some snow this weekend.mmm oh boy there goes my weekend.
Am I ready,well lets see,got food,yep,got heat,yep,got coffee,yep got everything else to do with,yep,I'm ready bring it on!

At least it will be on the weekend,I really don't like it when it does that on a week day.In Texas we were snowed in for four days.Yeah that was joyous.Found things to do.Orion loved it to no end.Wanted to go out and then come back in,then back out and back in.8 inches and some nose plowing he was happy.It was his first snow too.

I got my turkey feathers in today.
Pretty uh?

I'm excited about getting these cause you can't get them here.The hunters don't keep them.Now I can get busy during those snow days and have something to make.

Well Christmas is almost here,are you ready?

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