Friday, December 12, 2014

Anniversary today

Sooo.........hubstead and I have been together and married 29 years.Today was just a day to us,we don't do anything special.We ran up to the local Co Op and picked up a 50 lb. bag of lime.Time to dehair the deerskin.And I had to find something to scrape it with, along with a pair of gloves.Then we went and got pizzas and wings.It was great.Very easy going day and that's how we like it.

Now I'm sitting her,hubsteads' napping,I'm drinking coffee and watching a movie.I love days like this.
The deerskins are thawing out for tomorrows scrubbing and fixing.Frames have to be made and I get to stand out in the cold for awhile,oh well all in good fun.This will be my first time with deer hides but I've done rattlesnakes before.I know different kind of animal/reptile.Anyway I think I can do it.I just hope I can spend some time on my baskets and get some done.Still haven't finished the one I started yet,the sides are going up now.It's going to be different than the others.Had to go out this morning and gt fresh pines straws.

Yeah I stay busy,I love working with my hands. That's where the beadwork and leather and baskets come in.Of course besides cooking,I can't wait to try my hand at canning and soap making. I mean why pay for something when you can make it,right? That's my take on the economy now.Everyone is trying to cut a few corners so I try to see what's around the house I can do myself. That is what alot of people are doing now.When are these big companies going to catch on seriously.Don't they know that if they raise their prices,people are going to find other ways of making the same thing(almost) at home.mmmm.Especially with us retirees coming in.Oh Please!

The only thing I wish that was easy to grow is coffee,then we would be in heaven,but the coffee plant takes sooo long to grow.If you think about it there isn't hardly anything you can't make or grow at home.So lets look at my list of stuff  you would have to buy.

Ok I'm blank
I didn't put sugar because two things sugar comes from,stevia and cane.
Anybody got any more?

So why are we consuming so much? Our ancestors would be so dang mad at us,don't ya think?

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