Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Agony of no Sleep

What's up or should I say who's up,yeah that's right me.My sleep clock has took a freaking dive right out of bed. I get like this but I'm suspecting the culprit. My bipolar even though I am on new meds.Might even be that but I doubt it because these pills make me sleepy.I've been going to darn close to a week and I should be worn out by now. You should have seen me when I went almost 5 days without sleep ,yeah that was joyous.I slept for two days after that.Here it is at 4:00 in the morning and I'm sitting here still wide awake.Already I've been in the kitchen cleaning and scrubbing trying to wear myself down,nope didn't work. So what to do next? Orion keeps coming in here wanting me to go to bed.I tell him not yet bubba.Oh I planted some pomegrate seeds in a pot to see if they will grow.Experiment number one.

Today I picked up some more pallets. My next project is going to build a sliding shelf to go by the refrigerator. I already drew out the plans.I need space and I really thought I has enough in the kitchen but I don't. I will when I get thru. I kinda hoping somebody,no names mentioned here,will buy me a circular saw for Christmas. I go wild then!

You know donkey on Shrek when he clicks his eye and jerks his head,yep that me right about now.
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