Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Update

I haven't wrote in awhile and there really hasn't been a whole lot going on.I have been however collecting containers to start the seedlings in.This year I'm going with the red cups with drilled holes in the bottom.You can get a pack of thirty and I figured right now that was pretty good to start with.I have over 70 containers right now.

The next thing will be getting soil to put into these containers. I have my seed list ready and seeds to get going . I'm planting twice as much as I did last year and this year I'll have gourds ready by fall. The list includes tomatoes,peppers,lettuce,gourds,luffas,peas,green beans,carrots,potatoes in cans,onions and I may try my hands at broccoli  or cabbage,I haven't made up my mind yet.Oh and squash,straight and butternut.
I hope I haven't bit off more than I can chew on this years garden,we'll see.I had a blast doing it last year.I may have to hire some help on this one(giggling)Hubstead works alot this time of year and really doesn't have time to help me.At least when I go to bed I can sleep cause I'll be so darn tired.

My avocado trees are growing really well and the aloe is getting bigger,which soon I'll have to transplant into a bigger pot.Pots yep got to get some more.I'm trying carrots in a five gallon bucket this year.I seen a video on it and it looked like it works well and I can keep the rabbits and deer out too cause I can put them on the back porch. I'm trying this this year with different things and seeing if it works,if it does,I'll do the same next year.
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