Thursday, February 26, 2015

So Much SNOW!

Yeah we got hit hard,in some places ,we got 11 inches.I like snow but not so much so fast.It came down in buckets!
Back deck

Needless to say the truck isn't going anywhere!

The road out back

When it first started,Orion liked it but after it got thicker,no so much!

I personally have never seen Alabama in so much snow.But this year was worse than last year.Good news though it will melt fast,it's already is melting. We are enjoying it right now.

This weekend starts the planting seeds in containers.I have to set up something in our diningroom for these guys.I'm very much excited with all the new seeds I'll be planting.Hoping Spring will come soon.This weekend it's suppose to warm up to almost 60. The problem I have is that most of our windows in the house face north so it's going to be hard to find a south facing window for the plants when they start growing.I guess I'll have to buy some plant lights for them.

Hubstead an I have come down with a little cold.Fortunately it hasn't been bad.I try to prepare for times like this.I gather all the stuff for at least four days of staying in.We did good this year. Any time time they say snow it's a mad rush to the stores.I did everything ahead of time and got it over with,I like being prepared. 

I guess we'll lazy around today and I'll find something to do.Been trying to keep up with the weather channels and seeing where all this mess is going and what's coming. Everyone stay warm and off the roads if you don't need to travel!

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