Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Muddy Mess

Well we got through the snow fall and it melted and then we got sleet and finally that melted but the front yard is nothing but a big mud hole so much so that we had to start parking at the entrance to the driveway.Got the truck stuck twice and had to have a tow out of one of them.What a pain that was.NOW we are getting nothing but rain and it's making a bigger mud hole.Oh well what can you do but wait it out until it dries.I am glad the snow is over with.We had a cold and had to have the truck fixed and got snowed in all in one week.It was nasty.

I managed to get up off my rump and start some seeds.I got the gourds started and tomatoes.I'm trying out some Dark Korean Peppers this year to see how they are going to do here.I need to get my carrots started but haven't got the buckets yet.Yes I'm going to try to raise some in 5 gallon buckets.We got a very large rabbit hanging around now.I figure I can put those on the back deck. The avocado trees are growing like crazy and I have 4 cherimoya trees coming up.For all you don't know what those are-
from the smartergardener.com

I figured why not try something new.They grow in California but I don't know how they'll grow here.Will keep you updated.So far so good, I got 4 out of 5 coming up.Don't know where in the yard I'm gonna plant them or if they will do good in big pots.If you're curious look these up online and see how big they grow.
Heres the babies-




Those are my plants I got to repot this summer.I have celery growing in a pot in the kitchen.Seems to be doing good but I think it needed to be potted in a bigger pot.Somone said I had a green thumb,pretty good for someone who used to kill everything!

Hubstead is still talking about putting the smokehouse in this summer. I hope he does.I love smoke meat just not alot of it at once.But I thought it would be a great idea for us to build one. And yes the chicken house will go in too.Got soooo much do this summer.Stepping up every year and putting in something new.I love it!

My niece gave me some yard long green beans that I'll be putting in.Hers done really good and she had alot. I think I'm going for the odd this year just to see if I can grow it.My gourds are Corsican gourds and I'll be able to make crafts from them and sell them. I'm trying to balance out for chicken feed and organic stuff for the garden.I can sell stuff to buy supplies I need.I won't be putting in luffas this year unless I can get the trellis built.I wanted to but will have to wait and see on those.I still have a crapload of seeds though.

Well that's what has been going on,dealing with the mud and the snow and rain.I'll be happy when it's all over with! But so far so good!

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