Saturday, January 3, 2015

Eating with Tumeric powder

Yesterday while I was out buying some groceries,I ran across some tumeric powder and remembered about how good it was for you,so,I picked up some.This morning my tummy was grumbling and so I said "well no time like the present".I scrambled me up a couple of eggs,added some kale pieces and mushrooms,after they got done I sprinkled some tumeric and cayenne on them.People you got to try this it, was really good. It doesn't leave an after taste. I didn't even fix any toast like usual.So this is something I will start eating for breakfast .Give it a try.It's different.

I'm trying to collect spices and new stuff for the kitchen for when we do the remodeling.I have new ideas about how to set the kitchen up as a chef kitchen.

It's been raining here for the last couple of days and today we are expecting thunderstorms.My rain barrels are full but I will have to dump them by the middle of next week when we have a severe cold front coming in. Too bad it's alot of water.The avocado is growing fast and has many leaves on the stem so far.And I planted the celery stalk.It seems to be doing good.Let the experiments continue!

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