Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ready to Garden

I've spent most of the winter so far collecting seeds for the garden.Ordering seed catalogs and chicken catalogs.I've searched the internet for garden designs and ideas for planting potatoes in cans,bags and crates.Herbs in pallets and pots and crates.I've looked thru numerous pages and talked to people about bigger gardens and planting ideas.So I guess I'm ready for the next step.Getting it done. I decided to put in four raised beds,two trellises and a vertical section for climbing plants.I'm going to use pallets as a vertical garden for my herbs.I have plenty of space on the back porch for this.I have one maybe two avocado trees and four pomegrates seedlings coming up,whether or not they live I will have to wait and see.

Hubstead got his plans going for the smokehouse.He very excited about building it and so am I.I can't wait to get some hams and birds in it.The chicken coop will be a simple one this year,just enough to hold about eight to ten birds.I don't want to over do it and find out I took on too much.I'll be busy enough with the garden.Our plans also include a putting a privacy fence around the backyard.That will help the property value and keep the deer out.I'll also be able to let the chickens do their job with the yard bugs.So different from over a year ago when we got here and found the house in such a mess.Now all of our plans are coming together.The house has been a difficult job but it's getting there.I wondered for awhile if it was going to be worth it and now I can say yes.

The weather has been cold but tolerable.Getting the gas hooked up sure helped.We have an outlet problem in our bedroom.But I think it may be a fuse too.Sometimes the lights work sometimes they don't,it did the same thing last year when it got cold,along with the front porch light,it won't come on either.We have double window panes ,so the cold hasn't been too bad except around the doors and I tried to insulate them good.I put up a blanket over the front windows cause they face north and west.Yeah and like any country hick ,plastic on the windows too,gotta do what cha gotta do to keep the cold out.I haven't gotten around buying curtains or blinds yet.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Tuesday today and stay Warm!
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